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Marketing Automation Case Study: Southside Plumbing Grows Revenue 263%

8 Months Of Upside For Southside

It’s easy to list the benefits of a marketing automation (MA) program from LeadsNearby:

  • MA delivers messages along a pre-set timeline.
  • It’s tailored to specific customer segmentation.
  • Once you set up your marketing automation, it works forever.

Heck, you might even be able to recite them yourself if you’re reading our collection of articles on marketing automation

But, how do all of these pieces come together to create success? 

Southside Plumbing is getting a tremendous response to their MA campaigns.

Here is a marketing automation case study to explore how Southside Plumbing grew their revenue by 236% over 8 months.


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Cross It Off The List

“We started working with Southside Plumbing in June of 2022, and it was a great fit right off the bat,” recalls Stephanie Potter, Client Success Manager at LeadsNearby. “They are active and engaged, but they understand that marketing automation can help them stay on customer’s minds more effectively.” 

Stephanie set up a few marketing automation campaigns for Southside. Some dealt with products like water purification systems and their scheduled maintenance program. She also set up automation campaigns for situations like abandoned estimates and legacy clients that have not had service recently.

The real trick, though, was that Stephanie helped set up a campaign to strategically cross-promote their services to existing customers.

“Sending a water purification solicitation to a customer that is in the scheduled service club is a perfect example,” Stephanie says. “Generally speaking, when a plumbing customer cares enough to get regular service on their equipment, they’re a good candidate for improving their system. Water purification products are a great way to make an improvement.” Marketing automation allows Southside Plumbing to present this information to the right customers, at the right time.

Stephanie adds, “Cross-promotion is key, and marketing automation makes it a cinch.”

Two pictures of a person in an inflatable shark costume. The shark is doing things like standing a doorway with plumbing equipment or working out in a gym.

    Courtesy of facebook.com/SouthsidePlumbingInc

Blood In The Water

Southside Plumbing understands the importance of standing out. It’s one of the reasons they do their own Shark Week every year! The company sends a costumed employee all over their service area and when people spot the shark, they have an opportunity to win prizes.

Marketing automation lets them get the most out of the promotion!

“During a promotion where you are sending an employee around town in a costume, you are already down a set of hands,” says Billie Selichnow, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist at LeadsNearby. “If you do it and no one sees it, then why do it?”

Billie goes on to say that marketing automation is a great fit in this situation because you can get all of your assets assembled ahead of time. Then, your messages are scheduled to go out at times that coincide with the appearances.  

“Now, people are being made aware of the campaign when you need them to be, but you’re not losing any more employees to make that happen.”

Marketing automation lets people know what you’re doing without having to stop doing it,” offers Stephanie.

Southside is having a great experience with our marketing automation program at LeadsNearby. From organic and paid social media to automated emails and beyond, the collaborative effort is producing great results we can see in our bottom line.”

– Kara Lewis, Creative Sidekick Extraordinaire Southside Plumbing

Numbers Game

“The numbers in this marketing automation case study speak for themselves,” notes Katy Kohut, Marketing Automation Specialist at LeadsNearby. “Attributed Revenue is revenue we can specifically allocate to the marketing automation campaigns.”

Stephanie beams, “Southside Plumbing has been up between 10-20% each month this year, and marketing automation is a big part of that.”

A graph showing how Southside Plumbing has grown total revenue and revenue attributed to marketing automation from January-August '23.

Market Saturation

As exciting as this technology is, Stephanie raves about what the future holds for marketing automation.

She points out that the ability to add data from paid ads to our MA programs will give us an even greater ability to target customers who are on the verge of converting.

“We’ll be able to gather customer information, let’s say a list of people who engage with your ad but don’t purchase anything yet. Then, you can retarget them with an email to help address their needs even more specifically. In the end, you can help them feel more comfortable making that purchase with marketing automation.”  

You can learn more about where this technology is headed or get more information about this marketing automation case study today. You can even sign up for a program of your own with LeadsNearby! Call 919-758-8420 right now. We’re happy to give you a free, no-obligation consultation about your marketing plan. We’ll talk to you about what’s working and where MA can fit into your strategy.

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