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Maximize Your Home Visits

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Each Job

To be found and then be chosen by a customer are two of the hardest parts of running your business. Once you are in the home, it’s crucial you don’t waste any part of the opportunity

“That service call puts you in a tremendous position to help both your customer and your bottom line,” offers Mark Sherwin, President and Co-Founder of LeadsNearby. “A few simple things can mean the difference between growing the relationship and losing it.”

Here are 3 ways to make sure you maximize your home visits:

A decorative image of a worker looking at a house, thinking about how to Maximize Home Visits.

1.) Maximize Your Communication

Clear communication with your customers builds trust. 

When people understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, their suspicion goes way down. “Don’t forget that you’re talking to a person,” offers Beau Valentin, Customer Success Manager at LeadsNearby. 

“Some people will want to ask questions. Some may not want anything to do with you. Either way, relating  to them as a person will help them feel better about having a stranger in their house.”  

If this experience builds trust, it’s much easier to come back for the next job

Shawn Henson, Co-Founder of Gray Wolf Strategies, even recommends doing your happy call while the tech is on site. Not only does this give you the best chance to remedy any mistakes, but it also offers you a second voice of authority that might be able to help customers through pain points. 

Shawn says, “We had a customer choose a cheaper option from the tech, saying that they weren’t interested in a more expensive solution for their problem. But, during the happy call, we found out they wanted the better option, but didn’t know how they’d pay for it. The rep was able to explain our financing and get the best resolution for that customer.”

Low-pressure, transparent communication will help increase the likelihood of both repeat business and customer referrals.


2.) Maximize Your Questions

You will never get a better chance to learn about the customer or the problems they face than while you’re in the home. Make sure you ask questions every time you’re onsite! 

Shawn frames it as a holistic approach for the people he coaches. “You’re not there to treat a symptom, you’re there to treat the root cause.”

Loss leader services are designed to put you in a position to see what else needs to be done. “If you rush through a tune-up to get to the next one then you are not getting the most out of that opportunity,” adds Beau. These jobs are the time to connect with the homeowner through your expertise.

Of course, honesty should always be the best policy. Never try to sell people something they don’t need. But, when you know what problems they’re facing, you can find jobs or upsell opportunities that will actually benefit the customer.

“I see that there is a lot of dust in this room,” Mark offers as an example. “Do you have any trouble heating or cooling this part of the house? I’d be happy to take a look at it …” 

Doing the job right is not taking advantage of someone. Solving the problem correctly the first time will benefit the customer much more than trying to save them a few dollars, knowing full well that the issue will happen again. Truly helping people will not only boost your average ticket, but it will also improve your relationship with your customers.


3.) Maximize Your Media

Pictures are one of the best ways to maximize your home visits.

Billy Soares, owner of Local Plumb Pros, says it’s important that you don’t miss the chance to document what you are doing with photos. “Pictures and videos on this job will help you get future jobs in a variety of ways.”

First of all, pictures are a great way to show future clients the work you do. Pictures also show your current clients how much things have changed since your last visit. “Some people are visual learners,” Billy says. “It’s great to have actual proof to show them when you are trying to explain how much longer a water heater has, for instance.”

It also can’t be overstated how much value images bring to social media and search. 

As search continues to become AI-driven, original images are going to be more important than ever because they can not be summarized by Google. 

“Authentic images also carry so much more impact than stock photos on social media or a website,” adds Beau. “Getting those pictures while you are in the home is critical.”


Don’t Forget To Maximize The Basics

Make sure you stress the importance of getting reviews and let customers know about your referral program before the visit ends. 

At this point, those two aspects of your visit are as important as getting payment for your services! Make sure you have systems in place to help every employee understand how and when to cover these topics and when. 

Ensuring that no opportunities go to waste is essential to maximize your home visits. A good home visit will not only help maintain your current market share, it will ultimately grow your home services business.

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