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LeadsNearby Acculynx Scheduling Integration

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Leveraging your business operations data can be the driving force behind growing your company, but with data in different systems, you may be losing out on opportunities for growth.

LeadsNearby can make ServiceTitan talk with all of your other systems so your customer information works for you like an orchestrated symphony. We integrate your billing, scheduling, estimating, invoicing, reviews, job checkins and customer intelligence for more operations, targeted marketing and customer engagement.

Marketing Automation
Website Scheduling
Customer Portal
Call Tracking
Chat Scheduling
NearbyNow Automation

Automated Customer Engagement

LeadsNearby’s marketing automation program, known as Automated Customer Engagement, uses customer data from ServiceTitan to re-engage with past clients to build loyalty and uncover new revenue opportunities. LeadsNearby segments your customer data into targeted marketing campaigns that drive results.


Very little manual work is required for your team on an ongoing basis. This means less work for your techs as the data they put into your dispatch software is the data we use to market.


Target campaigns to your customers based on their specific need. This means you’ll see higher conversions and more revenue from your communications as well as deeper, more meaningful relationships between you and your customers.


Communications are built on specific products and services for your company and adjusted based on how your operations work. Effectively present your brand as the expert solution to customers’ problems.


Easily see the results from your automation campaigns each month through CS Analytics, LeadsNearby’s exclusive reporting tool. You’ll be able to see revenue attributed to each campaign.

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Website Scheduling

Integration enables LeadsNearby to place a form into your website that allows customers to book appointments directly into your ServiceTitan platform. Your team won’t have to constantly check emails for customer service requests and manually place them into your dispatch software.


We automatically push customer scheduling requests from your website into ServiceTitan from which your CSR will confirm the appointment with the customers and finalize the booking.


The entire integrated scheduling experience is seamless for your customer, resulting in higher booking, improved customer satisfaction and increased retention.


Because the booking request comes directly into ServiceTitan, the CSR needs to look no where else other than ServiceTitan to find customer requests.


Multiple forms can be used on your website so no matter where your visitors land, they will be able to send communication directly into ServiceTitan.

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Customer Portal

LeadsNearby can build a Customer Portal on your website where your customers can log in and see all of the data associated with their ServiceTitan account, including invoices, service history, scheduled events. We can even enable your customers to pay their bill online through the portal or mobile app.


Your customers can see all of their account information with you in one singular location without needing to log into multiple places.

View Job Summary

By being able to see all of their job summary information in one place your customer satisfaction and retention will increase.

View Invoice

We display your customer’s invoice summary that is pulled directly from your customer’s record in ServiceTitan, so you know it’s 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Bill Pay

LeadsNearby’s integration with ServiceTitan means your team needs to do no manual work in order to get the payments from customers after work has been completed.

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Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic call tracking lets you track the performance of your campaigns. LeadsNearby incorporates your ServiceTitan tracked phone numbers into the appropriate marketing material so you can easily track campaigns within your ServiceTitan dashboard and CS Analytics. Gain a real-time view of which marketing efforts are working the best.


Learn how your sales and marketing efforts are performing against one another. Track projects such as emails, web pages, pay per click, social media and more!


When you see which marketing campaigns or landing pages are the least effective, you can make specific, measurable changes to have a larger impact.


Dynamic Call Tracking enables you to track calls with different levels of granularity, even at an individual campaign level to gauge the performance of each promotion.

Dynamic Number Insertion

When someone clicks to your website from one of your external marketing properties, LeadsNearby can automatically insert the correct phone number.

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Pro Service Chat Scheduling

LeadsNearby integrates its 4-in-one Pro Service Chat tool with ServiceTitan, meaning you can have more meaningful conversations with your website visitors. Easily schedule new leads, see your past chats customers and get them into the correct marketing campaign bucket–all through ServiceTitan.


With chat, scheduling, call and texting available through Pro Service Chat, your visitors have the power to communicate the way they feel most comfortable.


Because Pro Service Chat uses conversation flow technology, it creates a robust, true-to-life conversation-driven communication that is all stored in ServiceTitan.


Pro Service Chat integration with ServiceTitan enables your website visitors to schedule service through chat 24 hours a day based on your availability


The 4-in-one tool automatically pushes service requests from the LeadsNearby tool into ServiceTitan where it will stay until your CSRs confirm it.

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NearbyNow Review Automation

The integration between ServiceTitan and Nearby Now enables you to trigger job checkins and reviews right from your field service software and route completed content to your website, Google or other review sites.


Request reviews and perform checkins all from your ServiceTitan app, but still get all of the benefits of using your Nearby Now account.


Because everything’s done in ONE place; there’s no need for your technicians to use a separate mobile app or web portal to complete a checkin or request a review.


Integration between Nearby Now and ServiceTitan is the easiest way for you to enhance your online reputation and add SEO-rich, location-based pages on your website.


If you want more Google reviews, Intelligent Review Routing automatically routes customers with Google account directly to your Google My Business page where they can leave a review.

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What does this integration improve?

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Never miss another lead
  • Make a great first impression
  • Deliver an unbelievable experience

Improve CSR Efficiency

  • First Contact Resolution
  • Eliminate double entry tasks
  • Streamline your scheduling process

Increase Sales & Average Tickets

  • Multi-option presentation
  • Faster CSR response times

Features and Benefits


  • Flexible design options
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Marketing management
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrates with popular email marketing tools

Key Benefits

  • Generate more leads & close more sales
  • Book more appointments
  • Measure marketing ROI
  • Cut costs and streamline operations
  • Deliver an amazing customer experience
  • Automate processes and best practices

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