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Electrician Marketing

Power For Your Clients. Horsepower For Your Business.

A good electrician is hard to find. It's also hard for a good electrician to get found. Between the web, social media, Google - that's a lot to track. Don't get your wires crossed - call the #1 Electrician Marketing Agency on the web!

LeadsNearby can help untangle them, then hotwire your marketing plan until it fires on all cylinders. From website design to social media marketing, we go the distance to help you reach your potential. Need to charge up your brand? We've got the jumper cables.

Our team knows marketing the way you know voltage. We can wield that knowledge to generate the same kind of power. Put us behind the wheel of your advertising plan. We'll drive your results.

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Electrician Marketing FAQs

What is Electrician SEO?

Electrician SEO is the art of improving your on-page, off-page and technical SEO on your website so you have a higher online visibility. All this includes your website content, imagery, design, website architecture, and calls to action that will earn you top placement on search engine results pages (SERPS). Remember electrician SEO is optimizing your site for your visitors first and then search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo who will reward you with better placement or ranking.

How can I improve the SEO for my Electrician company?

Improving your electrical services company SEO can be fairly simple because you do NOT want to optimize for the search engine, but for your visitors. 

  1. Understand user intent. Remember, electrician websites have a vanity element along with a demand element. Which services are more demand based? Understanding this is important for great results.
  2. Review your website today… as a prospective client. Review each page for accuracy, tone, and visual appeal. Would you do business with you? The more unique you are with your content and imagery - the more opportunities you have for better search results.
  3. Ask for the opportunity, and here’s the key, on your clients terms - not yours. Do not provide road blocks for your visitors - get the lead… answer the phone… respond quickly to inquiries.

How much do Electricians spend on digital marketing or internet advertising?

Answering questions like this brings on more questions. Are you growing or maintaining? What kind of market are you in? What area of the country are you in? Once you focus on answering these questions - the question actually changes: “How much should electricians spend on marketing or advertising?”

Use this equation:

[total advertising budget] * [digital advertising spend %] = [digital advertising budget]

[digital advertising spend %] = Total the percentages below:

  • Market Growth= 1% to 4% (the more aggressive you need to be - the higher the %)
  • Market Competition = 2% to 4% (the more competition - the higher the %)
  • Market Opportunity = 2% to 4% (the more households - the higher the %) 

What is Electrician digital marketing?

When you turn on your computer and begin navigating the internet or social media - you are in the world of electrician digital marketing opportunities. How people navigate, what they search for, what their interests are, and what motivates them. Electrician digital marketing encompasses it all.

5 Steps on How To Market an Electrician Service Business Today

1. Branding

Start here. Is your brand memorable? Does your logo stand out? Would people recognize your truck? There are literally hundreds of electricians near you - what makes you stand out? What is your Unique Selling Position (USP)? What do you do different from your competitors? 

2. Calls to action

People want to do business with you on their terms - not yours. Don’t force your process on them… look for solutions like our Conversion Optimization package that helps your visitors communicate with you on their terms.

3. Integrate

If you are using a dispatch software of any kind, look for ways to integrate your site into your software! Make it easy for your customers and your staff.

4. Marketing

Decide how big you want your company to be revenue wise. Let’s say you want to be a million dollar per year company and not grow much past that… use this equation: $1,000,000 in sales x 5%. This is your total marketing budget. Now take 30% of that result - and that is a good number to spend on home services digital marketing.

5. Track

If you have made it this far you know - tracking helps you understand what’s working and what's not. Set up your free Google Analytics account!

Bonus Tip

Always have business cards on hand… and be sure they have an offer on them. Hand them out as if they are candy - in the grocery store line, as part of a tip at a bar or restaurant, at a high school football game or just to family and friends…always be engaged.

Sticking With You For The Long Haul

As the online world continues to expand, so do the opportunities to take advantage. Is your company ready? Don't worry, we are. LeadsNearby stays at the forefront of digital marketing. Looking for cutting edge concepts? Careful, we're sharp. Every service you could need, wired up and ready for you. Including:

Turn The Key

Shift Your Electrician Marketing Company towards Integration!

You install a whole home generator, your client can run their entire house. With our website integrations, you can run your entire business. We partner with the best in the business to give you the single source functionality that turns your digital presence into a well-oiled machine:

Fuel Up Your Electrician Marketing & Hit The Gas

If a circuit is out in someone's home, they lose function. If you're missing part of your digital marketing plan, the same thing happens to your business. Can you afford that? While you get your clients wired up, we get your advertising fired up. It's not just random Facebook posts or a bare bones website. It's a pedal to the metal, full tilt boogie blitzkrieg custom designed to fit your needs. You're not like your competitors. You stand out. We make sure your marketing does, too.

Don't Let Your Advertising Run On Fumes

Your clients trust you with handling dangerous electricity so they won't have to. We handle confusing digital marketing so you don't have to. Put your trust in us and we'll supercharge your business. Pick up the phone and call today to get on the road to success!

Leaders In The Industry We Work With The Best

LeadsNearby provides customized and scalable marketing solutions that drive results for service providers. We work with some of the biggest names in the business and are ready to work with you.

With marketing solutions tailored to your business, our service gives you more opportunities to make money and grow your company. We also help you do business more efficiently with technological integrations that are specific to your industry.
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