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Get The Right Leads & Stay On Budget

Are you struggling to get a conversion?

In the digital marketplace, advertising is a game-changer. But how do you spend money smartly on digital ads and ensure they're not just floating around the internet?

With pay-per-click services by LeadsNearby, you get laser-localized marketing ads to specific areas. You can advertise to a small neighborhood or large community with our scalable ad service. The ads are eye-catching, include creative text and employ SEO-enriched keywords. Our ads don't just get you that one sale, but help grow your customer base into lifelong clients.

Oh yeah, and did we mention we stick to your budget, always?

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A Strong Campaign For Powerful Results

Pay-per-click is an incredibly useful tool to get your brand recognized and achieve your marketing goals. And it all starts with a strong plan of action when you work with our ad team.

  • Create A Campaign - Together, we set goals on demographics and targeted revenue.
  • Ad Group - Our ads are grouped related to a certain service or campaign, giving a boost to specific areas of your business.
  • Keywords - We use keywords that your audience is using to make your ad group relevant to search engines like Google.
  • Ad Text - Our team uses catchy, creative text to make people want to click on your ad.
  • Landing Page - We create a final destination page where your client will land after clicking on your ad. They can learn more and sign up for the service here.
  • Analyzed Data - Once the ad has been created and running for a certain length of time, we will read the data and analyze how the ad is doing, what your placement is compared to your competitors and the total amount of conversions you have received.

Double The Impact With Social Media

Social media marketing can help drive your search engine marketing to the next level. Our social media team works hard to make sure that your past and future clients stay in touch with you and are well aware of any new promotions or sales that you are doing. Having a clear and consistent message across all platforms ensures your customers will be well informed on what is going on in your company. 

Dominate Locally With Pay-Per-Click

When you work with LeadsNearby, you are working with a true marketing partner in each and every way. We have a team of certified Google Adwords Specialists who are trained and well-informed on digital advertising. We stay in constant communication with you on your pay-per-click ad progress and campaigns. Instead of pushing you to spend more money if you are not receiving any conversions, we brainstorm more ways to make your campaigns successful.

We're in this with you. All the way. 

Ready For Results?

Are you spending your money the right way on digital ads? Is your search engine marketing campaign working the way you want it to? Let our team analyze your ad performance and advise you on next steps. Call today to see results tomorrow.

Leaders In The Industry We Work With The Best

LeadsNearby provides customized and scalable marketing solutions that drive results for service providers. We work with some of the biggest names in the business and are ready to work with you.

With marketing solutions tailored to your business, our service gives you more opportunities to make money and grow your company. We also help you do business more efficiently with technological integrations that are specific to your industry.
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