A successful local service contractor website attracts search traffic, loads quickly, grabs a visitor’s attention and includes multiple conversion paths for users.

LeadsNearby’s website development sits at the corner of art and technology. It strategically combines web programming, business acumen, digital marketing, brand creation and search engine optimization to build traffic and convert users.

How does your target audience perceive your business? What tone does your logo, tagline and imagery paint? LeadsNearby brings out the brand on your website so that it reflects your corporate values in a way that appeals to your website visitors.

At LeadsNearby we don’t “do SEO” we build SEO into everything we do! We weave the best search engine optimization practices into the fiber of your website. From attention-getting meta titles to conversational service descriptions, our SEO efforts are only successful when we’ve increased both your local rankings AND conversions.

Well-done content attracts, educates, converts and re-engages your target audience. LeadsNearby works with you to integrate your product and service descriptions, blog posts, resource articles and other collateral into a website that is the foundation of your entire online presence.

Websites Built with A Strong Foundation

As the first interaction many of your prospects have with your company, your website needs to be on call 24×7. And it often only has a few moments to grab a visitor’s interest so they stay with you all the way to initial contact.

A good website addresses a search engine’s needs. A great website addresses a searcher’s needs. That’s why we develop websites with:

  • Fast load speeds that keep search engines and users with you

  • Device independence so they can be viewed on phones, desktops & tablets

  • Marketing messages that inform and engage visitors

  • A clear history of client satisfaction and dynamic job summaries

  • Easily identifiable conversion paths that connect visitors with you