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Google Local Service Ads

If you run an HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical business, you know how important it is to get in front of local customers who need your services. Luckily, Google has a way to make that happen: Local Services ads.

These ads appear at the very top of the search results, even above pay-per-click ads and organic listings. So if someone in your area is searching for your services, they're much more likely to see your listing and give you a call.

Show Up First in Search Results

Wouldn't it be great to be at the top of Google's search results, even above the organic listings? With Google Local Service Ads, you can.

Local service ads are a paid advertising tool specifically made for service businesses. They allow your home service contractor business to gain more leads and conversions.

The local service ad services provided by LeadsNearby can give your company the advantage in these types of ads. We make sure to navigate the nuances of Google so that your business comes in first place.

Using Google local service ads, your company will be the first thing a user sees on the search results page when they look for a service in their area. How does this happen? The marketing team at LeadsNearby works to ensure your ad status reaches the top in a number of ways:

  • Providing Accurate Info - We place your name, tracking phone number, hours of operation and other pertinent information in the local service ads.
  • Categories - We make sure to select the right services you offer in your profile.
  • The Right Budget - Google tries to not overwhelm a business with too many leads so it may temporarily reduce your ranking. We ensure your spending matches your goals despite Google's interference.
  • Gathering Data - All tracking phone number info is compiled, you are notified of leads, call recordings, reviews and other information. This data is essential in targeting next steps and determining goals.

How Can I Improve My Placement? GLS Best Practices

Placement within the ad unit is based on several factors. Here are some factors that Google uses:

  • Your verification status and whether you obtained a Google badge of trust (Screened — U.S. only — or Guaranteed) or not.
  • The context of the person’s search. When calculating rankings they will look at the search terms the person has entered, the time of the search, and other user signals and attributes.
  • Your review score and the number of reviews you receive. Encourage past customers to review your business.
  • Your responsiveness to customer inquiries and requests.
  • Your proximity to potential customers’ locations.
  • Your business hours. Make sure you are answering the phone for the hours that you have selected. 
  • Whether or not we’ve received serious or repeated complaints about your business.  If your business gets too many complaints, your ads will not show as much.

Other Tips & Advice

  • Expand your job types and service areas if you are not getting enough leads.
  • Maximize leads with the type of bidding you are using.

Bidding on Local Service Ads

It’s common for ads to under-serve (or not serve at all) if you opt into Auto Bidding with a low budget so make sure to be testing this. If you are using Auto Bidding, and not getting as many leads as you would like, increase your budget. But make sure the credit card on file you are using can support the budget you have selected or Google may show your ads less or not at all.

If that doesn't work, change the way you are bidding to "Max" bidding and see if it performs better than auto-bidding.

This Isn't Just a Set It & Leave It Lead Source

The businesses that are the most responsive to customer inquiries will have an advantage. 

  • Make sure your ad is not running during times when calls may not be answered. 
  • The platform does allow you to set an ad schedule so you can easily specify whether you want your ad to run all day, only during business hours, or can choose custom hours.
  • The faster you are to respond to leads, the greater the chance you will win the business.

The Pay Per Lead Difference

A great feature of local service ads is that they aren’t really pay per click ads. Instead, they are more pay per lead ads. You don’t pay when searchers click on your ad. You only pay when you receive a valid lead. Google counts a lead as valid when:

  • A customer calls you and you answer the phone and speak with them.
  • A customer leaves you an email or text message.
  • A customer leaves you a voicemail.

It’s also important to note that if you don’t follow up with leads in a time frame that Google deems as reasonable, your ad won’t be returned as often in the carousel. If you decline a good amount of leads, Google will display your ads less often as it will think you cannot handle your current amount of customer influx.

The Gold of a Google Guarantee

A Guarantee is Google’s way of showing the customer that your company is trustworthy. When you sign up for local service ads, you’re automatically reviewed to get a Google Guarantee.

If you get this approval, your ad will show a green badge with a checkmark and script saying “Google Guaranteed”. This badge establishes trust with potential clients and shows them you are an authentic company.

Leave Your Competition In The Dust

If you haven't started a local services ad campaign yet, you are missing out on potential sales and clients. Sign up today with LeadsNearby to drive your business to the lead.

Leaders In The Industry We Work With The Best

LeadsNearby provides customized and scalable marketing solutions that drive results for service providers. We work with some of the biggest names in the business and are ready to work with you.

With marketing solutions tailored to your business, our service gives you more opportunities to make money and grow your company. We also help you do business more efficiently with technological integrations that are specific to your industry.
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