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Matt’s Plumbing Up 88% In January Revenue

Intentional Growth Is The Best Growth

When Matt’s Plumbing came to LeadsNearby, they were in the middle of quite an upswing. Interestingly, this increase in work was a problem! 

Stephanie Potter, Client Success Manager at LeadsNearby, talks about what an interesting situation the company was in. “Like many people, the pandemic was tough on Matt’s Plumbing. Then, as luck would have it, they were flooded with positive reviews in a very short window.”

This influx of authentic, organic reviews helped to propel Matt’s Plumbing to the top of the search results in their area. Suddenly, the phone was ringing off the hook.

That is a tricky time for a business because sometimes businesses collapse under the weight of their own success. Fortunately, Matt’s Plumbing knew the right partner could help them get a handle on their growth and LeadsNearby was happy to get that call! 

Here’s how intentional, data-driven growth helped Matt’s Plumbing increase revenue by 88% over their last January.

Informational graphic encapsulating the situation Matt's Plumbing faced, the actions they took, and the results of those actions.

↓ Keep Costs Down

Stephanie says that when Matt’s Plumbing joined LeadsNearby they were already motivated and active. “They were doing a lot of great promotions, including paid advertising. It was exciting because I knew that we could get them the same results for a lot less money.”

First step - refine their ad targeting. 

Improved targeting of paid ads cut their PPC budget by 66% while continuing to meet the client’s growth objectives.

Keeping costs down does not have to mean that you are going without something. It also doesn’t mean you have to use an inferior product, either. You can save money by buying fewer paid ads than you need, but you won’t really benefit from that cost-saving measure. 

However, if you have good data and a clear strategy, it’s much easier to see where your best opportunities are and take advantage of them more economically.

Focus On Lucrative Jobs ↑

Once again,  accurate data proved to be a game-changer. 

If you can identify which jobs have the best margins, as well as when people are most receptive to getting them done, you can target your paid ads, marketing automation, and other promotional strategies for maximum effectiveness. 

With the guidance of LeadsNearby, come January, Matt's Plumbing had this data-driven approach down to a science. It's another significant contribution to their 88% increase.

For Stephanie, it was a matter of studying the data and taking action. “We learned we were going to make more on a water-heater job than fixing a slab leak. We then put our effort into promoting water heaters to start attracting those leads.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased with LeadsNearby. I’m especially excited with an 88% increase this January alone!! Stephanie, my CSM, is fantastic. Anything I ask, she's on top of it. I’d recommend Leadsnearby to anyone in the industry! Well, except for my competition.”

- Matthew David Faulkner, Owner of Matt’s Plumbing

Back-Up Your Digital Presence With The Right Website

A new website was the last piece of the puzzle for Matt’s Plumbing. They had an existing web address, but it didn’t reflect their growing service area. After purchasing a URL that aligned better with their current strategy, Matt’s Plumbing came to LeadsNearby to create a new website. 

Mark Sherwin, President and Co-Founder of LeadsNearby, is always happy to talk about how important first impressions are.

 “When people see your ad or hear about you from a friend, they are going to confirm the information for themselves.” Mark says, “When people do come to find you, it’s essential that they see a professional website that showcases your services, customer testimonials, and clear service area information with easy-to-find contact options. That’s exactly the kind of website we created for Matt’s Plumbing.” 

The new website, now optimized for local search, was the last big piece of the client’s growth plan. These days, they are experiencing intentional, sustainable growth. 

Instead of scrambling to handle whatever comes at them, Matt’s Plumbing is on the road to long-term success.

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