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11 Destinations Along The Buyer’s Journey

Meet Your Customers Wherever They Are In The Journey

Be Found: Is your brand found wherever your prospects search?

Be Evaluated: Do your website, content and online profiles address your prospects’ needs?

Be Selected: Can your prospects easily contact you when they’re ready for your services?

Be Shared: Have you made it easy for a customer to share your company information?

Be Remembered: How often do you encourage past clients to do business with you again?

Destination #1 — The Trigger

Know What Drives Your Customers
Every buyer’s journey starts with a trigger: your prospective customers have a need or want that requires your service.

  • They have a problem that needs fixed now!
  • Or they want an improvement that will make their lives better.

Key Takeaway:
Create a customized digital marketing plan that helps you meet your potential customers wherever they are along the digital buyer’s cycle.

Destination #2 — Search

Be Where Your Customers Search
When a buyer has a want or need, they turn to the internet for help. It’s important to know where your prospects search, including:

  • Search Engines & Paid Search
  • Online Profiles & Paid Listings
  • Social Media & Boosted Posts

Key Takeaway: Make sure your digital marketing plan helps you be found where your customers are looking.

Destination #3 — Website

Make A Good First Impression
Your prospects have searched the breadth of the internet and, thanks to good brand representation and foundational SEO, they’ve found your website. But before they contact you, there are a few things they want to know:

  • Do you solve their “want” or “need”?
  • Do you work in their area?
  • Do you do good work?

Key Takeaway: Design a search engine friendly site that puts the user experience first and drives them toward a conversion.
Great Example: Take a look at this Phoenix AC Repair page.

Destination #4 — Content

Provide Solid Supporting Material
If your online brand and website have piqued your prospects’ interest, they may want to want to learn more about you. Does your website and online brand provide:

  • Helpful blog posts?
  • Enlightening social stories?
  • Engaging video?

Key Takeaway: Develop a content marketing plan that gives your prospects the information they need to trust you.

Destination #5 — Online Profiles

Take Control of Your Online Brand
Many of your prospects leave no stone unturned in investigating whether you’re the right company for them. They often examine your business’ review profiles, directory postings and business listings to learn more about you. Have you taken control of your online brand by:

  • Providing regular social media updates?
  • Claiming and updating your profiles & listings?
  • Ensuring you have useful backlinks to your website?

Key Takeaway:
Review and correct your entire online presence so it helps you cultivate your prospects’ interest in you.

Destination #6 — Engagement

Ensure It’s Easy to Engage With You
When your customers want to do business, they want to reach you in the way that’s best for them:

  • Phone calls
  • Forms
  • Chat

Key Takeaway:  A good website has all of those engagement channels easily accessible. A great website tracks the business you’re getting from each of those avenues.

Destination #7 — Service

Turn Good Service Into A Relationship
Solving your prospects’ “need” or “want” means more than just performing the work. It requires a positive customer service experience from engagement to completion.

  • Build a positive rapport with the customer.
  • Treat their property and people with respect and care.
  • Ensure you’ve solved all of their related problems.

Key Takeaway:  Track this service using a CRM that lets you parlay this positive experience into more engagements.

Destination #8 — Reviews

Request Reviews From Happy Clients
When evaluating your company’s brand, prospects seek out your online reputation. If it’s positive, they’ll likely call you. If it’s negative, they’ll move on. How do you ensure your reviews paint a good picture?

  • Train your entire team to perform great service every time.
  • Request reviews from your happiest customers.
  • Use a reputation management tool to publish your review on and off site.

Key Takeaway: Put your positive reputation to work earning you new business.

Destination #9 — Social

Manage Your Social Brand
Every day, people share their experiences on social media: good & bad. What is being said about you on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Key Takeaway: Ensure social profiles enable customers to share their happy stories about you with their network.

Whether it’s online or face-to-face, your target audience already asks for personal referrals from:

  • People they know
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Networking message boards
  • And more!

Key Takeaway: Stimulate the referral process with refer-a-friend bonuses to your happiest customers so you can help your company’s name spread.

Destination #11 — The Loyalty Loop

Lead Past Customers Back to You
Do you work so tirelessly to earn new business that you overlook the past customers who continue to need your service? Be sure to regularly share with them:

  • Helpful tips
  • Promotions
  • Reminders
  • Dates
  • Information

Key Takeaway: Email campaigns help keep you top of mind when your past customers need your services again.

Completing the Journey

Making the time to ensure your brand is well represented along the buyer’s journey helps to ensure you will:

  • Be Found
  • Be Evaluated
  • Be Selected
  • Be Shared
  • Be Remembered
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