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How To Create And Edit Checkins On The Nearby Now Desktop Platform

Learn How To Create And Edit A Nearby Now Checkin


Before we move into the instructional portion of this video, we’re going to do a quick rundown of Nearby Now and some of its benefits.

The Nearby Now tool helps you create fresh, dynamic content and increase your reviews across your website, Google, or many other platforms. 

This process starts by utilizing the power of Google. Google is not going to recommend you to their users if they don’t know who you are or what you do. Nearby Now provides Google with information, service reviews, and information on where you operate. This information is gold to Google and helps establish your expertise in the industry.

Now that we’re helping improve your SEO, we want to help you increase your reviews as well. Nearby Now adds reviews to your website, Google, Facebook, or other platforms of your choosing. Reviews bring trustworthiness and help potential clients choose you over the competition. They’re also a showcase for your great customer service.

You might be asking yourself, where do these Checkins and reviews even go on my website

These will appear on what we call City Pages, and we’ll cover what those look like during the instructional portion of the video. In short, when you get reviews in a city, Nearby Now automatically creates a page on your website dedicated to that city. Google then recognizes that you are an expert in your specific field in all of the cities in which you do business. Going back to that dynamic website content, your city pages update each time you do a Checkin or receive a review. 

Seasonal terminology and enhanced keywords updated every day will make an impact on your leads!

And finally, we want to bring trust. A new client doesn’t know you. However with each Checkin and review, Nearby Now pins the location. Suddenly, new clients can see where you have done business in the past and see a legitimate review alongside it.

How To Create Checkins And Send Out Review Requests Within The Nearby Now Desktop Platform.

You should already have an email invitation to create your NearbyNow account from either me or from your client success manager. Once you’ve done that you’ll head to admin.nearbynow.co. so you can log into the desktop platform. 

Once you’re logged in it’s going to take you to your dashboard, and this is something we’ll discuss more in the reports video but, from here you can see an overview of NearbyNow, including how many Checkins have been done, how many photos have been added to certain Checkins along with the number of cities that you’ve done a Checkin for.

You can also see the total number of Review Requests that have been sent out along with the number of completed reviews.

When you’re ready to create a Checkin and Review Request, you’re going to find that under the action tab on the left sidebar. The only difference between these two is under Review Requests you have the option to add the customer’s email or their phone number if you want to send them out that request. 

For this example,  I’m going to assign this to myself. I will also put in the customer’s name, their street address, their city, and their zip code. Keep in mind: even though you add their street address, it’s never going to list that street address on the website so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Make sure that you at least have the city and zip because this is going to tell the system which city page to put this information on, and if a completed review gets done, where it should be placed.

So from here, I’m going to go ahead and send out a Review Request. I start with a work description. Anytime you hear us say Checkin, this is what we’re referring to. It’s mainly answering three questions: 

  1. What was the reason for the call? 
  2. What issues were found? 
  3. How did you solve them? 

Now when you’re answering those questions, make sure that you’re using commonly used terms that a customer would use to search for your services, versus using industry jargon. This is going to help create those keywords for you and it’s just going to help tie back those services to what you guys do in a localized area. 

In my example, I refer to a broken flame sensor, so I want to add a photo. Now normally I would take a photo of the broken flame sensor and another photo of me replacing it.  Before and after photos are great for adding to these Checkins.

Once I’m done here, I’m going to click Checkin and Request Review. Just like that, it’s done.

If you go to that city page on your website, you will see the new Checkin there almost immediately.  In the event that you’re reading through this and realize there are typos, you can edit the Checkin.

How To Edit Your Nearby Now Checkins On The Desktop Platform.

In the Nearby Now dashboard, scroll to Reports, then under that, go to Checkins, and finally to the Checkins List. 

You can see all of the Checkins that have been done, as well as if a Review Request has been sent to the customer. You can also see if the customer has completed the review. We will go into more detail on this in a later video. 

Find the Checkin you need to edit and click the 3 dots in the Actions column for that Checkin. The Checkin will open and you can add or remove information, as well as the images that are used.  Once you’re satisfied, click Save Checkin, and the information will update on this list as well as the site. 

I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us at [ 919-758-8420 .

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