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Community Involvement Means So Much To Your Business

As you might know, getting beyond Google and getting involved in your community is essential for a successful business.  What you might not realize is that your level of involvement is actually what makes these strategies work! Social platforms, online groups, and other organizations are some of the best free marketing ideas available.

It’s not enough to have a Facebook profile and let it sit there.

These free marketing ideas can help your home services business succeed in a competitive marketplace without breaking the bank.

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Get Digital: Be the Expert Online

This free marketing idea takes advantage of something you’ve already paid a lot for: your knowledge! 

“Your experience is priceless,” says Leah Soares, Marketing Director at LeadsNearby. “Be a knowledge source and let people know that you own a business and would be happy to assist”

You should not, however, answer questions in a way that makes it seem like you are expecting business in return or end with a call to action. That is basically a sales pitch, and your company probably has someone handling that approach already. Being an expert is more about building trust and exposure, two things that will benefit you tremendously when your sales team does come calling.

Places To Share Your Expertise: 

  • NextDoor: You can engage with residents, answer queries, and share your expertise. Again, by positioning yourself as an authority and not a salesperson, you can build trust within your community.
  • Home Improvement Groups and Neighborhood Groups: Many of these groups forbid selling, but they do not forbid establishing goodwill by answering questions from people who need help.
  • Parent Groups: Parent groups are filled with people experiencing a problem and people looking to recommend solutions – both of which tend to be very loyal to the group. Establishing a presence will introduce you to a valuable ecosystem. 


Get Social: Join Local Groups

Local groups help you get your business seen in a trusted setting, and likely by a built-in audience. Some even offer free advertising and other exposure as an incentive to join.

You can also attend local business networking events to meet like-minded people. Plus, each person you meet is likely to have a home that could use one or more of your services, making them potential customers too! Once you’re known to them you have a much better chance of converting them to customers.

Jack Moore, COO of LeadsNearby says, “Becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce is another great way to get local. These organizations provide credibility as well as opportunities for networking.”  


Get Connected: Exchange Referrals With Related Businesses 

One way to get ahead is to foster partnerships with businesses complementary to yours. 

Leah says, “A plumbing company can collaborate with HVAC, electrical, garage door, pest control, and restoration companies. When you exchange referrals, you both broaden your client base.”

Customers often ask for recommendations because they’ve seen enough trust signals to hire your company. They are hoping that the pre-existing trust can help them save time when solving their next problem. That puts you in a great position to recommend a partner if you have someone. 

If you are looking for a way to determine who to partner with, we suggest connecting with other business owners on LinkedIn. Being part of a professional network broadens your exposure and opens up opportunities for collaboration and cross-referrals.


Get Involved To Get Ahead

Community involvement is so much more than just throwing your logo on a youth baseball team! Successful contractor marketing takes a multi-faceted approach, combining online visibility with active local engagement. 

When people get good service from you, not only will they gladly give you the review you ask for, but they also tend to jump in to support you on their own. Being active online gives loyal clients more chances to offer their authentic, unsolicited endorsements.

If you can position yourself as an expert in your field, foster customer advocacy, and build strategic relationships with complementary businesses, you’ll not only attract new clients, you’ll also solidify your reputation as the go-to business in your community. 

Those are the best free marketing ideas to help you earn new business while bolstering your perceived authority.

Speaking of free, call 919-758-8420 for a free consultation about your marketing strategy! We are also happy to hear from you  online if that’s more convenient.

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