Are You Making Your Choices Based On Cost or Value?

How Choosing a Website Development Vendor is Like Choosing a Restaurant


When choosing a place to eat, what criteria do you base your decision? Price is likely not your only criteria. It shouldn’t be your main criteria for choosing a website developer either. Value is the preferred measure of how effectively your money is used when evaluating choices. Here’s an analogy:


Low-Price Option


Why do we eat fast food? It’s probably because of one or both of the following reasons:


  1. Price: I’m on a tight budget and I’m hungry! Fast food is the cheapest choice.
  2. Fast: I have someplace to be in a hurry. Fast food is a quick, convenient stop.


Fast food gives us the illusion of value.


We think we’re getting a great meal at a great price. But in reality, the meal usually leaves us questioning the taste and health repercussions of our decision.


That’s because the food is usually pre-made, preservative-filled, frozen patties thrown together on an assembly line. What value have we traded for cheap and fast?


Similarly, an inexpensive website developer pieces together a likely reused, repackaged, unoriginal site for you, then moves on to the next client. You get a static website that fails to perform its intended function—rank on search engines or convert visitors.


If this is the foundation of your entire marketing program, it shouldn’t leave you so hungry.


High-Price Option


What attracts us to the expensive meals at 5-star restaurants?


  1. Atmosphere: I’m treated to soothing music, comfortable seats and attractive décor.
  2. Service: A constantly attentive wait staff that spends the needed time addressing my needs.
  3. Designer Food: The chef adorns my plate with the most exquisitely designed meal in town.


High class restaurants give us the illusion of quality.


We think we’re getting a great meal, but we’re actually paying for more than just a smaller than normal portion of food. The result? A meal that leaves our stomach—and wallet—empty.


An overpriced website gets you constant attention from your vendor who willingly makes a number changes that may make your website look spectacular, yet your website’s improved function—search engine rankings or your conversion rate—fail to produce results that offset the enormous costs.


At this cost, your website is no longer the foundation of your entire marketing program; it is your entire marketing program.


Mid-Price Option


Why is a mid-priced restaurant so appealing?


  1. Appetizing: My meal tastes great and is made to my specifications after I order.
  2. Price: I’m getting a quality meal at a good price.
  3. Atmosphere: I enjoy this meal in a clean restaurant with a pleasant appearance.
  4. Service: My server is helpful, but not overly intrusive.
  5. Fast: My entire meal was delivered at a reasonable time.


There is no illusion behind mid-range restaurants.


We get a quality meal at a good price.


Likewise, a mid-price website developer will design you a website that:


  • Meets your individual needs and goals
  • Ranks well with the search engines
  • Converts visitors to opportunities
  • Doesn’t sacrifice your budget


To accomplish this, the mid-price web developer evaluates your website and performance every month to ensure it is the right foundation for your entire marketing program. The developer will make the best recommendations that will ensure your success.


The Bottom Line


Consider wisely when choosing a website vendor. Every dollar you spend is important to ensure your return on investment justifies your expenses.


Your web developer needs to have a full menu for all price ranges and appetites:


  • Small Meal for those who just need an appetizer to get started in the marketing their businesses.
  • Large Meal for the big appetite that wants to build a large marketing program upon a quality website.
  • Modest Meal for those who want to have a robust website that will enable them to grow their marketing efforts and grow their business.


No matter the choice, each option should provide an ROI that contributes to the business’ bottom line.

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