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Do You Have A Logo Or Brand?

The Right Logo Captures Your Entire Brand

A logo and a brand are both crucial elements of a company’s identity, but they are not the same thing.

A logo is a graphical element (symbol, emblem, or wordmark) that represents your company visually. It’s often the most immediate and recognizable symbol of your business.

  • When you think about Mcdonald’s, their Golden Arches probably come to mind. That’s basically an M that kinda looks like it’s made of 2 french fries. It’s on their cups, shirts, and anything you can think of. It’s versatile and fits in a lot of situations like social media icons, lighted signs and so much more. This is their logo.
  • The McDonald’s brand is a fun, affordable experience for people of all ages. It’s familiar and easy to enjoy. This is effectively what the company is telling you with everything they do.

The right logo is visual shorthand for your company’s values, goals, and most importantly, your company’s personality. 

The reason you pick colors and mascots or one font over another for your logo is that you’re trying to get people to feel a specific emotion when they see it. A good marketing company will make sure you know how you want people to feel about your company before you start this process.  

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Decorative image showing a logo applied to a variety of products.Your Logo Has To Reinforce Your Brand

Are you an industrial HVAC company? A family-owned plumber? Do you do electrical work for high-end, commercial properties? Can someone tell what you do from looking at your logo?

You probably wouldn’t take your kids to a daycare whose name is written in a squiggly, death-metal font. Make sure that your logo is sending the message you want your customers to get. 

“You want your brand to be recognizable, but you also want it to be unique,” says Rosa Shepard, LeadsNearby’s Design Team Lead.

“A lot of times, people purchase the first clipart that looks interesting, but be careful. If it’s on the first or second page of your search results, chances are other people in your industry are buying that art for their business as well.”

The right designer also understands that your logo has to work on something as big as a truck or billboard while also working in a tiny social media profile picture. This isn’t always an easy thing to do.

“People will come to us with their slogan in a logo because they don’t realize that when you shrink it down, it’s not going to look like anything.”

If you’re not happy with the way your logo represents your brand across all of the different places it shows up, it might be time for a marketing consultation!


The Way You Use Your Logo Brings Your Company To Life

A lot of companies have memorable mascots or imagery to go with their name, but it’s what you do with them that makes your brand come to life.

When Climate Plus signed on with LeadsNearby, Content Strategist, Nick Smith, saw more than a company with a drawing of a smiling thermostat- he saw an opportunity to showcase the company’s personality. 

“This company is a fun company. They are helpful. So, we suggested that this character, who we named Cozee, could have a space on their website where he’d present some simple science experiments kids could do at home, with their parents.” 

The client jumped at the idea because it would help differentiate them from the competition in a meaningful way.

Cozee’s Comfort Science isn’t going to drive people to the site, but they’re gonna remember that idea. That’s not something that you get on every contractor’s website.”


Website with illustrated character teaching science.

Your Logo Ties Everything Together

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand. This is especially true for new prospects. When designed properly, your logo becomes a symbol of your brand’s quality and values across all platforms:

  • Website: It’s prominently displayed, setting the tone for your digital presence.
  • Emails: It appears in the header or footer, ensuring brand consistency in communications.
  • Truck Wraps: It turns your vehicles into mobile billboards that broadcast your brand.
  • Invoices & Receipts: It reassures customers of professionalism and reliability.
  • Printed Materials: It anchors your marketing materials with a recognizable mark.
  • Uniforms: It enhances the professional appearance of your staff.
  • Technician Etiquette: It serves as a badge of trust and expertise.
  • Video & Radio: It’s visualized or mentioned, strengthening brand recall.

A well-designed logo harmonizes these elements, making your company instantly recognizable. 

If your current logo does not represent who you are and what people can expect when they work with you, it might be time to consider a redesign. LeadsNearby specializes in crafting logos that resonate and communicate the core attributes of your brand.

Contact us online today to discuss what your logo says about you and what it could be saying. Let’s ensure your logo is not just seen, but selected and remembered.

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