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Your Core Values ARE Your Brand

Cool Logos And Truck Wraps Do Not Keep Customers Coming Back

Although some people use the words logo and brand interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. While your logo visually identifies your company, your brand shapes the way people perceive your entire operation.

Learn more in this podcast from Mark Sherwin, President and Co-Founder of LeadsNearby:

How To Apply Your Brand Through The Customer’s Journey

Applying your brand to each step of the customer journey can significantly enhance customer experience and build loyalty. Here’s a step-by-step guide to effectively integrating your brand into any interaction you have with your customers.

  • Awareness

The awareness stage is when potential customers first come into contact with your company. This could be through various channels like social media, paid advertisements, a web search, or word of mouth. Your messaging and visuals need to be consistent across all platforms. 

This is why you develop a logo, colors, and a unified message that reflects your values and services. For example, if your differentiator is quick service, your brand should highlight this quality.


  • Consideration

When customers are considering your services, they are likely comparing you with competitors. This is where getting to know you from your look and messaging will make a huge difference. Are you brash and edgy? Are you wholesome and family-focused? 

Whatever your identity, the messaging can be communicated through blogs, how-to videos, and customer testimonials that reinforce what you want people to feel. Make sure your website and social media profiles are visually aligned with your brand. It’s also important that they are easy to navigate.


  • Decision

At the decision point, customers are ready to choose a service provider. Train your customer service team to communicate in a way that aligns with your brand’s voice – whether it’s friendly, professional, fun, empathetic, etc.


  • Service Delivery

The service delivery stage is crucial. Ensure that every interaction — from the uniforms your staff wear to the design of your vehicles and equipment — reflects your brand identity. 

This is the time when the quality of service should match what’s been promised in your brand’s messaging.


  • Post-Service

After service delivery, follow up with your customers in a manner that demonstrates your brand values. 

Send branded thank-you emails, ask for feedback through branded forms, or offer branded maintenance tips. Now that they have an experience to associate with your brand, make sure you capitalize on it. 


  • Loyalty

Encourage repeat business by keeping your brand top of mind. 

Send branded communications such as email newsletters, exclusive offers, and reminders for service renewals. Consider a loyalty program that rewards customers for choosing your service again.


  • Advocacy

Happy customers can become brand advocates. Encourage this by making it easy for them to share their experiences. 

You can offer incentives for posting online reviews or referring friends. Provide customers with branded materials they can share, like social media-friendly graphics or hashtags.

A decorative image of a HVAC technician in a cape, standing next to text saying that your core values ARE your brand!

Your Brand Has To Factor Into Every Move You Make

Consistently applying your brand in every interaction is essential. This way people are left with the feeling you want to associate with your company. If your brand isn’t being applied consistently to everything you do, contact us today to get a free evaluation. 

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