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Google’s New “Profile Strength” Rating

What Does This New Feature Mean For Your Google Business Profile?

As we all know, Google loves rolling out new features (whether they’re ready or not), and they often don’t provide a lot of warning - or even explanation of what the features are meant to do. 

You may have noticed recently when you log into your profile that there is a new “Profile Strength” rating with a small meter icon next to it showing the “completeness” of your Google Business Profile

In fact, you most likely have seen that your particular meter isn’t full, and a link to “Complete Info” like the one in the picture below.

Blog 1

It wouldn’t be surprising if you saw that and had a moment of panic, wondering what was wrong with your GBP and what you needed to do to fix it. 

Well we’ve done some investigating, and we’re here to tell you not to worry - chances are, your profile is just fine and performing well, whatever the profile strength meter says. Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered.

Google Hasn’t Defined What Constitutes A “Complete” Profile

As with many things Google related, there are things going on under the hood that we aren’t privy to. So when we saw the “Complete Info” link on our LeadsNearby GBP, we decided to follow it to see what they needed from us. 

Here’s what happened. When we first clicked the link, we were taken here:

Blog 2

Based on this image, it would seem that Google considered our GBP to be incomplete, and was about to provide some steps we could follow to fill in the missing information. So we clicked on “Next” and got this:

Blog 3

In other words - there wasn’t anything Google thought we needed to add. It just said we could “add more later” and gave us a link back to our profile. 

So even though the “Profile Strength” icon suggested ours was incomplete, there’s nothing Google actually wanted from us. This is evidence that this feature might not be as fully realized yet as it needs to be.

Some Suggestions Are For Features You May Not Want To Use

Working with other clients through their GBPs, we’ve discovered some of the things Google suggests they do in order to “complete” their profiles. 

Here are examples:

  • Turn On Quote Request - We certainly agree that this should be turned on - if you want it turned on. Some of our clients don’t like giving estimates until they’re in the home, and we get that.
  • Turn On Messaging - Great if you have the manpower to answer quickly, but if you don’t then turning this one could hurt your business rather than help.
  • Add Your Services - You should definitely have the services you offer listed, which is why LNB takes care of that when we manage your GBP to ensure everything is accurate.
  • Add Products - Likewise, if you have products you want to have listed, we handle it for you so you would be good here.

The other big one is an option to Run Ads

It seems hard to believe Google would consider your GBP “incomplete” if it’s not running ads, so there’s two possibilities why this one would even be there. 

  1. It’s not supposed to be there and it’s a coding error and they’ll correct it soon. 
  2. They’re throwing it in there assuming that people will want their profile to be “complete,” so they’ll do it whether they should or not, and Google makes more money. We expect Google will get a lot of pushback on this if it turns out to be the case.

What You Need To Keep In Mind About Your GBP

The single most important thing to remember is this: profile strength is not a ranking factor for your website. Even if Google thinks your GBP is only 50% complete, it does not mean your website - or your GBP - are performing poorly. 

The two things are entirely separate, so you have nothing to worry about. We’ll allow that Google could always change that in the future, but for now, this is the reality we’re working with.

The “Profile Strength” can be a useful way to make sure as much information has been entered into your GBP as possible (and the more info, the better), so it does have its utility as a tool to judge if you’ve done enough work on your profile. 

But you absolutely should not feel there’s something wrong with your profile if it doesn’t say “Looks Good” - as with our example above, even Google might not have a suggestion for what your profile “needs.”

Your Team At LNB Has You Covered

If you have an SEO package with us, then you don’t need to concern yourself with any of this. We monitor and optimize your GBP regularly, and your CSM will ensure it’s kept up-to-date with all of our best practices, including utilizing only the features you want. If you’ve got questions on this or anything else related to your GBP, message us online or call your CSM at 919-758-8420 today!

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