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Fill Your Calendar With Database Marketing

Database Marketing Starts From Your Very First Visit

Database marketing is a fancy way of saying pick up the phone and call past customers. Now, if that was all there is to it, this would be a definition and not an article.

Data is the secret to database marketing! Data elevates these interactions from cold-calling to cashing in. 

Here’s how you get the most out of database marketing.


→ Collect When Calling

“Anything you can learn when you’re in the home is a key that can get back in the home the next time,” says Mark Sherwin, President and Co-Founder of LeadsNearby. “Information is the only approach to database marketing.”

Remember, everything that comes up during a visit with a customer is an advantage none of your competitors have!

Mark says, “If they have pets, you want to know. Now, your HVAC company can call when you’re slow and tell them about a special on a germicidal UV light that removes pet odor from the house. A plumber can let them know that you’re running a deal on dog washing stations. Whatever you are doing, you know if it appeals to them when you ask basic questions.”

Data collection will not happen on its own! Make sure that you coach your techs, CSRs, and any other employees on the importance of collecting as much valuable information as they can get. 


→ Figure Out Follow-Ups

Another great source of information is the recommendations that you made on your last visit. This is where pictures and videos are a major advantage

If you write down that someone’s HVAC unit is close to the end of its lifecycle, then you have something to call the customer about. You can remind them about your previous recommendation and offer to take a look at the unit. 

But, once you are back in the home, any images you have from your previous job become a tremendous help in showing them how much further the machine has broken down since your last visit.

It can’t be said enough: effective database marketing relies heavily on prior knowledge. Don’t pass up any opportunities to collect valuable information.


Now, Pick Up The Phone

When you call someone with accurate, pertinent information, the chance of getting them to do what you want goes through the roof. “I get a call every four months from the dealership where I purchased my car,” remembers Mark. “They remind me that it’s time for service, and then they ask a great question: have you gotten this done already or can I schedule you?” 

Since the answer is never ‘I already got to it,’ he is always happy to book an appointment.

The dealership has made his life easier, strengthened their relationship, and also put a job on their books that would otherwise not have come in on its own. 

That is the power of database marketing!

Dealing With Database Deficiencies

There is no time like the present to start collecting this crucial information. Here are three ways to get back on-site so you can improve your database for future use:

1.) Pull up your service calls from six months ago. At a minimum, you should call each one and remind them that maintenance should be done at least once a year. Ask them if they’d like to schedule a technician while they’re on the phone.

This is a time when the right specials may be able to help get you back in the home.

2.) Look at the new installs you did a year ago. Call them and remind them that it’s time for a tune-up or annual system check. Again, a special discounted rate might help you schedule an appointment. 

3.) Find all of your repair jobs from last year. Call each one and remind them that proper maintenance will ensure they don’t have to go through a system failure again. Ask if they have room on their schedule for a quick check-up.

Even if your database rivals the NSA, you can earn new business or strengthen existing relationships by picking up the phone and checking in with your clients. It reminds them that you care and goes a long way toward keeping customers coming back for more.

If you know how to put your database together properly, it becomes a goldmine just waiting for you.  

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