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Start Using Nextdoor

Nextdoor Offers Unique Opportunities To Your Business

As search continues to change, more platforms are offering opportunities to be found, selected, and remembered. Nextdoor is one of the more interesting ones for home services providers. They are carving out a very interesting space for a couple of reasons:

  • Highly motivated users. Because of the strong connections to their physical area, users are more likely to come to Nextdoor when they need to solve a problem.
  • Unique users. According to Nextdoor for Business, more than half of their users do not visit sites like LinkedIn or Pinterest, a third don’t use Instagram and more than 20% are not on Facebook. 

Because we value what this social network has to offer, we want to make sure you are familiar with the basics of Nextdoor, the ways to get the most out of it, and even how we approach paid ads there.


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Step 1: The Basics

Get Your Nextdoor Business Page

Before you can take advantage of this promotional opportunity, you’ll need to make sure to create your Nextdoor Business Page. The page is free to make and helps to put your local service business in front of local leads. Any business or person who sells items or services can start a business page.

Once you have a page, or if you already made one, make sure your information is correct. As we said earlier, this platform is HEAVILY focused on home service providers, and the users are there to solve problems. Make sure you’re ready to be found if someone needs your help.  


Start Using Nextdoor

Jessica Bermudez, Client Success Director at LeadsNearby, says. “Nextdoor is the new community billboard. It’s super local and it’s stuffed with helpful information if you can find it.” 

She stresses the importance of making sure that you stand out on Nextoor.  

“You have to be creative with your specials & discounts because the right offer always gets the most attention.”

Of course, it’s important to temper your desire to stand out with social media best practices.

Timely responses and good communication are essential. For some people, all they will know about you is what you present here on Nextdoor! Make it count.

You are literally talking to your neighbors. As long as it aligns with your brand, talk to them like you would talk to the person across the street. This is a priceless, unique chance to build that crucial trust. 

Make sure your brand comes through in everything you do. Brand is another way to say the personality of your business. Nextdoor is a great place to let it shine! Do you support a local charity or have a special promise that you make to customers? Be sure that you include it as naturally as possible. 


Step 2: Pro Tips

Your best success will be in responding to posts.

These conversations are why people come to this platform. Take advantage of that and be part of the conversation. Your expert knowledge will help you stand out and form relationships. Plus, it’s free!

The neighborhoods are extremely valuable for finding the kind of dwellings you want to target.

A zip code, while great, might include multiple dwelling types. Maybe you’re not looking for single-family homes. Maybe that’s all you want! The neighborhood approach Nextdoor uses will help you get to the exact places you want to be. 

If someone finds you on Nextdoor, ask them to do a recommendation for you. 

On Nextdoor, recommendations are public posts to all the people in their neighborhood, which means the content will get served directly to other people around them. Ask for the recommendation while you are still in the home.

Become a Local Fav! 

People can favorite you like they do on Facebook, but in this case they give you hearts. This is huge! If a certain amount of neighborhoods like you, you can become a Local Fav. “Shoot for this because you get a badge on your profile for the year,” says Leah Soares, Marketing Manager at LeadsNearby. “This helps you have more credibility on the platform.”

Paid Ads on Nextdoor: Perks & Problems

As a Nextdoor user, you can only interact with the area your home is physically located. However, you can increase your reach into other neighborhoods by doing paid advertising on Nextdoor. Here are some things to keep in mind.

🟢 Nextdoor advertising can be more cost-effective than other digital ads, which is great for smaller businesses.

🟢 If you are going to pay for ads on Nextdoor, a promotion or a coupon gets the best response

🔴 Nexdoor’s advertising inventory fills up quickly, though. You might not be able to find the neighborhood you want at the time you want. 

🔴 Like other social networks, not all features are available in every area.

Fortunately, the Paid Ads team here at LeadsNearby can help you navigate everything Nextdoor has to offer. Contact us today for more information.


Why is Nextdoor So Valuable to Service Contractors?

Nextdoor is especially valuable for new or small businesses.

Nextdoor is highly valuable to businesses because all of the users are verified to reside in a given area. This makes their recommendations of your company more valuable and enables you to specifically target local residents, neighborhood by neighborhood. This works great along side of our PriMO analysis.

In the modern market, where people make more and more buying decisions based on consumer reviews and recommendations, taking advantage of this localized platform can be quite profitable for contractors who provide great work.

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