Social Media Brings Your Brand to More People

Social Media Marketing has become a necessity for most businesses, including local service contractors. Because so many people frequent Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube each day, social media expands your brand awareness and visibility and serves to foster new customer relationships.

But what is the real power social media gives service contractors such as yourself?

social media sharing

1. Awareness

Social media allows your brand to reach a wider audience across many different demographics. For example, Facebook generally has an older age demographic whereas platforms like Instagram are frequented by younger generations. Social media puts your brand in front of more people who may have otherwise never come in contact with your company. Your brand appearing in someone’s Facebook newsfeed is just like your branded truck driving through your town.

2. Brand Ambassadors

Social media also allows other people to easily become your brand ambassadors. When someone enjoys your service and posts about it or shares your post with others in their networks, they’ve become your new spokesperson. Furthermore, people are far more likely to trust the opinion of another customer, so social shares and posts talking positively about your company carry real weight in the minds of readers.   

3. Targeted Engagement

Proper social media engagement is targeted to your customers and prospects within your local area. Engaging with your local audience helps you stay top of mind. Posting actively easily lets your audience know about upcoming specials, new services and products or events. Regular engagement also shows people that you are proactive and committed to building a relationship with your customers.

Mark from LeadsNearby with construction workers.

4. Community Involvement

What local causes are near and dear to your heart? When you actively contribute to local organizations and charities and then share that involvement socially, your entire brand benefits. Showing your volunteer efforts helps build your brand and shows you’re seriously committed to the cause.

Sharing your community spirit socially enables you to engage with all those invested in the same cause, which can sometimes be hundreds or thousands of people. Perhaps more importantly, your social efforts will expand your impact by drawing attention or additional contributions to the charity.

Be Social, Be Found

Although your website can do wonders to enhance your online visibility, extending your marketing to the social media world is crucial in this digital age. These giant communication tools offer a wellspring of people who are ready to be shown that your business is the right one for them, so get out there and socialize today!

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