Mister Sparky Florida Success Story

What Did They Need?

After opening a location in Miami, Mister Sparky Florida desperately needed to be found and chosen by more local customers in Miami and in their other locations. After beginning Nearby Now and marketing services with LeadsNearby, their results have pushed Mister Sparky Florida to the next level of growth.

How LeadsNearby Helped

With Sparky’s goals as a top priority, LeadsNearby built a new site with conversion-oriented design and integration features. The site was launched in June of 2017.

There are important features to mention:

Field Service Integration & ZIP Code Phone Tracking   

Easily findable contact forms are linked to their field service software, Service Titan, making service scheduling easy and seamless for both the visitor and for Sparky.

The Sparky site also features a ZIP code phone tracking tool. A visitor can enter their ZIP code and if it is an area Sparky services, they’ll be automatically redirected to the applicable Nearby Now city page featuring pertinent business information, including a local phone number and customer reviews. This phone tracking feature creates a positive visitor experience by presenting customer testimonials in their area and also helps Sparky track where their visitors come from.

This ZIP locator tool also allows Sparky to leverage the Google authority and visibility of the regional Mister Sparky website with the local searchability of targeted, city-specific local pages. This brings more visibility to the city-specific Mister Sparky pages when people search in the areas that Mister Sparky Florida services.

Chat Services & Contact Bar

A prominent pop-up bar appears as you scroll down the homepage, offering options to call, schedule service and live chat with a representative. The addition of this feature amplified Sparky’s chat volume and they continue to receive a substantial amount of chats from this feature today.

Mister Sparky Florida has seen a huge rankings increase, propelling them higher in local search results for new local clients. The chart below represents their increase in Top 10 Google search results rankings since around June of 2017, when their website launched, up until November 2018.

They also began benefiting from Nearby Now review services around April of 2017, a few months before their website launch. These reviews also contribute to their rise in online visibility.

Here are Sparky’s top rankings for November 19, 2018. These rankings are compared to June 2, 2017, around the time that LeadsNearby originally launched their new site.

First Place: 726.An increase of 702.
In Top 3: 1428.An increase of 1360.
In Top 5: 2076.An increase of 1947.
In Top 10: 3358.An increase of 3049.
In Top 20: 4751.An increase of 3768.
In Top 30: 5415.An increase of 3790.

Growth In Florida And Beyond

Since partnering with LeadsNearby, Mister Sparky Florida has successfully launched and grown their Miami location, and it is now as busy as their other locations. They have even added new locations in Orlando and Ocala, Florida, and Birmingham, Alabama.

Visit the Mister Sparky Florida homepage and their main Service Areas page to see their design.