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The Right Way To Introduce New Services

New Services Give You New Ways To Engage Existing Customers

Everyone’s shooting for market saturation. Even when you achieve it, there’s still a desire to continue to grow your business. Introducing new services is a great way to expand your business, but it’s important to do it the right way.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when you’re adding new services.

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1. Train (ALL OF) Your People

Make sure everyone is prepared to answer questions and promote the new offerings during their regular interactions with clients.

“The whole company has to be on board,” says Jack Moore, COO at LeadsNearby. “From CEOs to CSRs, techs, and anyone else on the payroll – everyone needs to know the program.”

It’s not enough that they are just aware of the program, either. You need them to be enthusiastic advocates for the new services.

2. Email Engagement

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can adjust your messaging as you go.

To that end, Billie Selichnow, Marketing Automation Specialist at LeadsNearby, suggests starting with an informative email and slowly increasing your pitch in successive emails.

The order typically goes:

  • Email 1: An introduction listing all of the services they provide for the cross-promo specifically.
  • Email 2: Target more specifically a certain service, preferably the most profitable new service.
  • Email 3: A special offer for existing customers to ratchet up the sales pressure.
  • Email 4: A limited-time opportunity with even higher pressure.

Another advantage of an email marketing campaign is the length of time between messages. “Typically, cross-promotion emails are spaced 20-30 days apart per email. This way, you don’t overexpose the brand,” says Billie.

“Someone who might not have needed the new service in the first email could be ready for it by the third.”

  • To Discount Or Not To Discount New Services

Billie says clients tend to bristle at the suggestion of a special or other offer, but, data shows specials are an incredible motivator. “Many times, the chance to get in the house again will offset any discount you used to do it.“

“We have a client that introduced plumbing service to their existing HVAC business. They enrolled everyone in their maintenance program in a new plumbing maintenance program free of charge,” Billie says. “This way, people feel like they are getting something extra for being a loyal customer while you get priceless exposure for your new service.”

Because the emails don’t come all at once, the customer may sign up for service before they even see the offer.

“Once they make an appointment, they are removed from the campaign. If that happens before the third or fourth email, they’ll never even be presented with an offer.”

3. Social Strategies

Announcing your new services across your social media platforms is a great start, but you can do even more. Social media gives you a chance to engage with your customers to get feedback on how they feel about your additions.

Make Sure That New Services Info Is Everywhere

Even existing customers like to do some research and get confirmation before they act. Make sure that your website is updated to reflect the new services before you start your push.

If you don’t roll it out right the first time, you aren’t going to see the results that you’re looking for.

“Propper roll-out is the difference between The Avengers franchise and The Justice League movie,” adds Jack.

If you’re ready to expand into a new vertical or simply move your existing customers over to new opportunities, call 919-758-8420 for a free consultation about your marketing strategy. You can also contact us online if that’s better.

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