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Social Media Spring Cleaning

7 Things To Check & Update On Your Social Media Accounts

A good spring cleaning can do wonders for your garage – and even more for your marriage! But, a spring cleaning of your social media accounts can pay off in actual revenue for your business.

“It’s important to keep your social media accounts up to date,” says Greg Shadik, SEO Manager at LeadsNearby. “Consistent information helps your business get found by search engines. It also helps establish trust with people looking for your services.”

Here are 7 things that you want to confirm or update on all your social media accounts.

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Social Media Basics Checklist

☐ Business Name and Contact Information. Make sure your business name, phone number, and email address are accurate everywhere you have an account. Where applicable, make sure your physical address is accurate too. This is especially important for your Google Business Profile.

☐ Services Offered. You need to have a detailed list of the services you offer on any platforms that support it. Have you added or discontinued any services since the last time you checked? Also keep in mind that the more specific your list is, the better the chances that you will be found for those things.

☐ Service Area. Mention the geographic area you cover. This helps localize your social media presence and ensures you’re reaching potential customers in your service area. Have you expanded into a new area? Make sure it’s included.

☐ Business Hours. List your regular working hours, special availability for emergencies, and holiday hours. A lot of your customers check your social media accounts for this information.  


Social Media Advanced Checklist

☐ Licenses and Certifications. Highlighting your professional qualifications builds trust. Include any relevant licenses and certifications that you and your team hold. Remember to add any new licenses or certifications as your business grows.

☐ Pinned Posts. Look at pinned posts to see if they still reflect your current priorities or promotions. Pinned posts are a valuable tool for highlighting important content. Make sure you’re showcasing the right ones.

☐ Branding Consistency. Ensure your branding is consistent across all social media platforms. This includes logos, color schemes, and the tone of voice used in your posts. Consistency helps reinforce your brand identity.


Top Social Media Accounts To Check

Social media popularity can change from one area to another, but here are 8 sites that are consistently important for marketing and why:

  • Facebook is ideal for reaching a broad audience, customer testimonials, and running targeted ads.
  • Instagram is a visually driven platform perfect for sharing before-and-after pictures of your work.
  • YouTube works for sharing detailed video content.
  • LinkedIn is the place for networking with other businesses and professionals. It showcases your business’s professional side.
  • Twitter is great for quick updates, sharing links to blog posts, and industry news. 
  • TikTok, with short, engaging video content, reaches a younger audience.
  • Houzz is a niche platform that is perfect for home service professionals. It allows you to showcase high-quality images of your work, connect with homeowners, and contribute to discussions.

Get even more information about the social media accounts you need to have on our citations blog.

Does Outdated Content Hurt My Social Media Accounts?

Consumers know there will be some outdated content if you have been in business for any length of time. However, there are a couple of instances where the old content can be a problem.

For example, you should take down expired promotional offers. Seeing a great deal they can’t get could frustrate or confuse customers.

Old content about services you no longer provide will not help your business.

Consistent branding is also important. Make sure your logos are up to date and match on all your social media.

Social media algorithms look for content with high engagement, such as comments and likes. You may not want to delete posts with historical significance or a ton of engagement. Consider keeping it and adding a comment to the original post clarifying that the information is no longer current.

Consistently posting new content can help minimize the impact of older, less relevant posts.


How Often Do I Need To Check My Social Media Accounts?

People use social media because it is very immediate. That’s why staying active and responsive is key to getting the most out of social for your home services business.

  • Look for customer inquiries, comments, or messages every day. Timely responses are crucial for customer service and engagement.
  • Review and update any essential business information. Look at changes in services, areas of operation, or contact details on a seasonal basis, no less than once a year. 

Regular engagement and updates on social media not only help maintain the accuracy of your business information but also foster trust and reliability among your customer base.

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