Georgia-based fire safety company ASA Fire Protection needed a more effective marketing strategy to reach new customers. ASA wanted to improve its online presence and how customers and prospects could interact with the online brand.


  • 3186% BOOST in Number One Rankings
  • 580% JUMP in Website Conversions
  • 220% INCREASE in New Organic Website Visits
  • 548% BOOST in New Desktop Website Visits

*Results tracked over a 3 ½-year period.

Strategy for Success

The foundation of ASA Fire Protection’s new marketing effort was a newly designed website that launched in April 2016. With a 3000+% increase in number one rankings and a nearly 600% boost in conversions, the company’s book of business was steadily growing.

ASA’s Top 10 Rankings for Google Search Results From March 14, 2016 through September 6, 2019