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Responding To Chat Leads In LaunchSMS

Learn How To Respond To Chat Leads In LaunchSMS


Once you’ve received your login information, you’ll want to head on over to go.launchsms.com/login to log into the desktop platform. There also is a launch SMS app which we highly recommend downloading onto your phone. It’s especially important so you can respond to these chat leads within a timely manner while you’re out of the office for a little bit or even out in the field working.

Once you login, it’s going to take you to your company dashboard. Under lead flow, you’ll see the number of chat leads you receive on a daily basis. This is currently set to the last 7 days but you can easily change those dates if you want to do the last 30 days or whatever you prefer. You can also see the different statuses of a chat lead when they come in.

They start out as Pending, but if you book an appointment with them you can mark them as either Completed or Leads Won, depending on what you want to use for your internal reporting. There are multiple types of reports that you can get, but we’ll review those in a different video.

When a new chat lead comes in, you will either receive an email notification and or a text notification, if we’ve added your cell phone into the system. This all depends on your preference. Either way, once you’ve gotten a lead, you go under messenger and you’ll see it under the unread tab. There is the person’s name along with their phone number next to a pending status. You’ll also see their message. You can respond below or use something from the quick response template. We’ll cover how to set those up in another video but these are definitely great if you get commonly asked questions or if you have common responses to people. The quick responses are also great when you’re in the app and don’t want to type as much. Simply select your response and it’s done. You can also click the templates button if you have other ones that you didn’t set as a quick template and you can toggle through them and select a different one.

This also shows who the lead is assigned to. If you need to assign it to someone else, that’s very easy to do. Just click the figure with the plus symbol and then assign it to the next person and click assign. Now the new person can start responding to that chat lead. Once you book the appointment you can change the status in this window.

The next thing to do is add a tag to that customer. These tags can help you keep track of anything you want to remember about that lead. For example, you want to track anyone who hasn’t signed up for a maintenance agreement. We can create a tag called non-maintenance. This matters because this is not only a chat platform, but something we can also use to send out text campaigns. So, if you have a campaign that’s targeted towards all non-maintenance members in an effort to grow your maintenance agreement list, then we’ll use that non-maintenance tag to pull in all the appropriate customers.

Once you’ve done all of that, it’s going to move over to the Read folder. NOTE: Once you have chatted with someone, you can not move the conversation back to the Unread tab. Also, it’s essential that you Archive the messages once you are done with them because these do automatically delete after a certain time. The only way to be sure you aren’t going to lose it is to move the chat to Archived.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us at 919-758-8420 .

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