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LeadsNearby Conversion Optimization Package

1 Conversion Optimization Package. 3 Powerful Tools.

LeadsNearby wants to help you do 3 things: make people aware of you, get them to contact you, and have them set an appointment. That’s why we offer a single conversion optimization package to accomplish all three things.

Each element is customizable, works with your systems, and comes at a price point you can be comfortable with.

Learn more about how each specific product helps you see exactly where a prospect started with you, communicate effectively with them, and beat your competition.

LaunchSMS Communication

V8 Scheduling

Dynamic Call Tracking

Banner image promoting a Conversion Optimization Package featuring three tools: V8 with a blue and orange arrow logo, LaunchSMS with a rocket in a cloud logo, and Dynamic Call Tracking with a phone and signal logo. The banner has a black background with the title 'Conversion Optimization Package' in white and orange text at the top.


What Are The 5 Biggest Advantages of LaunchSMS Webchat For My Home Services Business?

Our LaunchSMS product simplifies communication with leads on your website by sending messages directly to your cellphone in real time. Now, you’re not searching through hundreds of emails for a lead that has already moved on.

You’re capturing leads by communicating with them on their terms.

Here are the 5 biggest advantages of LaunchSMS:

  • 1.) Instant Lead Response. Receive and respond to customer inquiries immediately via text, increasing the chances of converting leads into appointments.
  • 2.) Improved Customer Engagement. Engage customers directly from your website, Facebook, or Instagram, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
  • 3.) Seamless Integration. LaunchSMS integrates with dispatch software like ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro, Google Business Profiles, Angi, and many others ensuring smooth workflow and data management.
  • 4.) Enhanced Lead Tracking. Provides detailed analytics on lead sources, customer activity, and conversion rates to optimize marketing strategies.
  • 5.) Efficient Review Management. LaunchSMS can manage and request reviews, helping to build and maintain a strong online reputation.

V8 Scheduling

V8 Scheduling Vs. Other Scheduling Products

How hard is it to schedule an appointment with your company?

An astounding 94% of customers are more likely to explore a new business if it offers a dedicated online booking system. LeadsNearby can handle online booking for you with our V8 tool.

Unlike other tools that are too expensive, not customizable to match your brand, or let clients book times that won’t work for you, our V8 scheduling tool puts your business first.

Comparison chart titled 'What does V8 do for my site?' featuring three benefits of V8 compared to other scheduling products. The three benefits listed are: 'Customize questions and answer fields,' 'Customers book time periods, letting you control your schedule,' and 'Customizable to match your branding,' each with a green checkmark for V8 and a black cross for other scheduling products. The chart has the LeadsNearby logo and the tagline 'Dominate Locally' at the bottom.

Learn more about our V8 scheduling tool here!


Dynamic Call Tracking

How Does Dynamic Call Tracking Work?

How would you like to know exactly where a lead came from? Our dynamic call tracking provides that information to you!

Call tracking is the process of using different phone numbers to see where your leads are coming from. It’s fine for offline campaigns where attribution needs are simpler.

Dynamic call tracking offers more detailed data, making it possible to track calls to specific interactions online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamic Call Tracking:


What is call tracking and how does it work?

Dynamic call tracking assigns unique phone numbers to each website visitor. When someone calls, this unique number tracks their journey across your site. It helps you see which ads, keywords, or pages led them to call.

This data shows which marketing efforts are working best.

Why would I use call tracking in my marketing?

You would use dynamic call tracking in your marketing to understand which ads and keywords bring in calls. Dynamic call tracking shows what’s working in your marketing, so you can focus on what’s effective.

Dynamic call tracking helps improve your marketing strategy, saves money, and increases your return on investment.

What types of data can be collected through call tracking?

Dynamic call tracking collects data like caller ID, call duration, and the pages a visitor viewed before calling. It also tracks the source of the call, such as specific ads or keywords.

Dynamic call tracking information helps you understand customer behavior and improve your marketing.


It’s A Digital World. You Need To Be Part Of It.

Your next client is just a click away. With the LeadsNearby Conversion Optimization Package, you’re not just investing in tools; you’re investing in your business’s future.

Each component—LaunchSMS, V8 Scheduling, and Dynamic Call Tracking—works seamlessly to boost your customer engagement, streamline your operations, and provide actionable insights.

Call 919-758-8420 to learn more about how our conversion optimization package can transform your business and drive real results. – or contact us online .

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