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Is There A Way To Identify High-Potential Service Areas? (Hint: There Is)

We Use Your Existing Data To Identify High-Potential Areas Where Your Services Are Most Needed

You may not know this, but you’re sitting on a gold mine. Every interaction you have with a client produces priceless information. This data can help you serve clients better while making you more profitable. It’s also the key to identifying high-potential service areas.

Our advanced PriMO tool is designed to turn this data into an easy-to-read roadmap for intelligent growth.

Here are three common questions that our Prioritized Marketing Opportunities tool (or PriMO) can answer!

How Do You Find High-Potential Service Areas?

Your service area is more than just ‘how far you’ll travel’.

    • The savvy service area contractor is targeting zip codes, neighborhoods, and communities within their service area. This is a great start.
    • The savvy expert service area contractor is looking for trends within their target service area that yield better results for more targeted offers. This is a next-level approach.
    • The super-savvy-expert service area contractor understands that needs change as homes and clients age. This is where you need to analyze data to understand the smartest moves.

PriMO helps businesses find new markets. It uses a proprietary mix of demographic, geographic, and psychographic data to identify areas with the highest growth potential.

PriMO Advanced takes this process further by incorporating your company’s unique data to refine the targeting process, revealing new and profitable markets you may have overlooked. It weighs factors like home values, travel time, and more to give you the best guidance possible.


What steps should I take to expand my home service business to new locations?

PriMO considers things like home age and recent work to steer you away from neighborhoods with low service demand. By providing data-driven insights, PriMO helps you avoid wasting time or money chasing areas unlikely to generate significant revenue.

This targeted approach reduces wasted spending and boosts market share, giving you a higher return on every marketing dollar.

Once you’re armed with PriMO data, it’s time to add a touch of old-fashioned marketing.

Step 1. Travel to the area(s) PriMO unveils with one of your trucks.

Drive around and take pictures of your truck near popular areas, historical sites, signage, etc. Add them to your site and your social media accounts. Stop into every police station, fire station, or EMS/ambulance station you can find. Hand them all a stack of $50 off any service gift cards.

“This works best when you personalize it to the specific organization,” adds Mark Sherwin, President & Co-Founder of LeadsNearby.

Step 2. Get involved in that area!

Search for ways for you to contribute to the new area(s). What can you sponsor? What events can you attend with team members?

It’s not enough just to be there, either. Have $50 gift cards for everyone you meet. Imagine joining a 4th of July Parade and while other people are handing out candy, you’re handing out $50 off gift cards. Mark offers another bonus tip: “Call these items gift cards – not coupons!”

Step 3. Repeat until you’re recognized. That’s how you’ll get the reviews and referrals that you need. Remember: when you search online today, how likely are you to click on a brand you’ve never heard of?

We are happy to review this data with you to help you better understand what it tells us and how you can use that information to grow your business.


How can I tell if my current service area is saturated?

In every service area, there are a limited number of ideal clients. Yes, I know, you’ll service any home, but we’re here to help you maximize these calls.

When we understand your avatar, where this ideal client lives, and how you operate your business, we can give you a better understanding of how much of that market you ‘own.’

This gives us a clear picture of what we are up against and, based on our experience, how to find the point of diminishing returns.

It should come as no surprise by this point. PriMO can help you determine if your current service area is saturated by analyzing market data and your company’s performance metrics.

Your information identifies areas where your services no longer yield significant returns and suggests new markets to explore. Your company can allocate your marketing resources more effectively and avoid diminishing returns in oversaturated areas.

This image is a graphical representation with the text 'IDENTIFY HIGH-POTENTIAL SERVICE AREAS.' The design features two main visual elements: a map and a pie chart. On the left side, there is an illustrated map with a location pin highlighting a specific area. A dashed arrow extends from the location pin to the right side, pointing towards a pie chart. The pie chart shows a segment that is highlighted in orange, indicating a significant portion. The background is blue with subtle dollar signs scattered throughout, suggesting financial or business opportunities. The text 'IDENTIFY' is at the top in blue, 'HIGH-POTENTIAL' is in large, bold white letters in the center, and 'SERVICE AREAS' is in smaller blue text at the bottom.

PriMO Lays Out The Path From $1 to $2M, $4M & Beyond.

There isn’t a target on earth that is harder to hit when you can get a good look at it. PriMO gives you a way to look at the targets in your service area that you should focus on and the ones you can easily handle. After you see it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Call 919-758-8420 to learn more about a PriMO analysis – or contact us online to get started.

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