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What Is The Purpose Of An About Us Page?

Your About Us Page Tells Consumers Why They Should Choose You

Prospective customers go to an About Us page, they want to know 3 things:

  • Who am I dealing with?
  • Can I trust them?
  • Why should I pick them for this job?

This is why About Us is usually one of the most popular pages on your website

Once someone sees that you can solve their problem, they want to know that you can be trusted with that opportunity.

Follow the steps below to make sure that your About Us page is properly introducing your company.

A statical graphic showing that About Us pages appear in the top 10 most visited pages on 80% of websites.

Your About Us Page Needs To Display Your Values

“The homepage gives a taste of why someone should choose your company, but the About Us page really digs into it,” says Allison Mullen, Content Team Lead at LeadsNearby.

This is your chance to let people know who they’re going to be dealing with. If you have a guarantee, a pledge, or a promise you make to customers, showcase it here! 

Remember, by the time someone clicks on your About Us page, they already believe that you can do the job. They’re looking for a reason to choose you. Take this opportunity to tell them.


The About Us Page Has To Tell Your Story

Are you a brand new company with new ideas and new solutions to fill a need in your service area? Do people know you as the budget-friendly company that anyone can afford to hire? Are you the high-end company that can create anything your customers dream of?

Your website’s About Us page is the place to show the things that make your company different from your competitors. 

John The Plumber is a family-owned business that’s been active in their community for decades. Their history is a huge part of their brand and something that LeadsNearby’s Design Team Lead Rosa Shepard wanted to highlight. She decided to drive this point home with a timeline that users can scroll through. 

Scrolling John The Plumber's timeline from the About Us page of their website.

With this timeline in place, the page literally walks you through the storied history of the company. This is significantly more effective than just having an “established” date sitting on a page.

Your About Us page is the place to tell your story. Make sure you’re telling it well.


A Good About Us Page Establishes Trust

Let people see your smiling faces! 

A team picture goes a long way toward humanizing your company.  A professional photographer is great, but taking a good picture of your team is a snap with the smartphone you have in your pocket.

Seeing a person wearing a branded shirt on a page with the company’s core values connects a lot of dots in a prospect’s mind. Alternatively, a picture of the owner or the leadership is a good option for companies with a high turnover rate. 

Allison sums it up by saying, “Just think about the kinds of things that you look for when you’re trying to determine trust in a new company.”


Fun Fact: It’s Okay To Get Creative

The purpose of an About Us page is to help you stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to do that is to humanize yourself by telling an honest story.

“I love to write about the careers that people left to get to their current business,” offers Ray Wagner, Marketing Content Creator at LeadsNearby. “Very few people take a straight line into the career they have now. Don’t be afraid to showcase where you started. It can give more impact to where you are now.”


Is A Community Involvement Page The Same As An About Us Page?

Your About Us page should showcase your community involvement because it demonstrates your core values nicely. 

Remember, displaying all the ways that you are helping the area in which you live and work is not bragging! Some owners are afraid to look like they are tooting their own horn, but you can’t wait for someone else to celebrate your good work. 

Once you have enough pictures and videos of the events and causes that you’ve been part of, moving that content to its own page is a great move. 

Now you have a summary of your involvement on the About Us page and a link to the Community Involvement page for people who want to explore it further.


Decorative image demonstrating that an About Us page tells your story.


The About Us Page Is The Place To Differentiate Your Company

You have to share the mission and the journey that your company is on, connect with readers on a personal level, and include a call to action. Greg Shadik, SEO manager at LeadsNearby says, “If you forget to ask for their business on the page, you run the risk of losing it.” 

People will visit this page. Make sure that it represents you the way you would introduce yourself out in the field.

If you can say that your page does all of that, then you are in great shape! If not, then it’s time to call LeadsNearby and make sure you are taking advantage of this crucial opportunity.

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