Robinson Air Success Story

This family-owned company had trouble expanding. After LeadsNearby helped them implement the Nearby Now review tool in late September of 2015, Robinson Air began benefitting from it and established a relationship that has been extremely profitable for them. After about six months of Nearby Now success, LeadsNearby launched the newly redesigned Robinson Air website and drove a quick increase in their rankings. See the success below and hear what owners Darryl and Tammy Robinson enjoy about their relationship with LeadsNearby.

Site Redesign

LeadsNearby enhanced their site with multiple elements including:

  • Mobile responsiveness.

  • Most up-to-date SEO practices.

  • User-friendly design.

  • Service scheduling driven design.

  • A new logo.

  • Cohesive branding across the entire site.

The chart below shows the increase in Robinson Air’s Top 10 Google search results rankings from October 20, 2015, when LeadsNearby began managing their site, through December 28, 2018.

Notice the sharp rise around March and April of 2016. This jump in rankings corresponds with the launch of the redesigned site in late March of 2016. Their rankings growth from October 2015 to March 2016 is attributable in large part to their implementation of the Nearby Now review tool.

Since joining LeadsNearby, Robinson has enjoyed a steady overall increase in rankings, increasing their service scheduling and new customer generation. They’ve seen an 800% increase in keyword rankings for first page results and even opened up a new location in Wichita Falls, TX.

Visit Robinson’s homepage to see their design.