Kescor Success Story

They Wanted New Clients In New Areas

Kescor needed more scheduling and wanted to move their commercial kitchen cleaning and rooftop grease containment services into new locations. In the business-to-business world, potential clients do a fair amount of online research before buying services, so LeadsNearby used their experience to design the “Digital Wrap” Kescor needed to build a more beneficial online presence.

The Digital Wrap Treatment

Just as a service truck needs a professional, branded wrap to advertise on the highway, a business benefits from a digital wrap in the online realm.

  • Reputation Management

    In November of 2014, they began to use reputation management through Nearby Now. Public customer reviews provide new content as well as generate trust through customer opinion. After boosting their Top 10 rankings through review publishing, they signed up for a new website from LeadsNearby that was launched in November of 2014.

  • Website Design

    The new site was designed to funnel traffic towards buttons and contact forms in order to increase service scheduling. Accessible contact paths make it easier for potential clients, employees, suppliers and partners to communicate with Kescor.

    Onsite SEO was created, including content on grease management services to present Kescor’s industry expertise.

Growth Achieved For Kescor

With the positive performance of their digital wrap, Kescor has seen the growth they desired. New clients in previously little-worked areas have been acquired. Kescor has grown their presence in Charlotte, NC, and expanded in surrounding cities such as Gastonia, NC, Concord, NC, Rock Hill, SC, and Spartanburg, SC.