It’s Time to Start Branding Your Company on Google My Business

Do a Google search for your business name. Do you see any company-branded Google Posts show up in your knowledge graph on the right side of the page?

If you don’t, it’s important for you to start regularly updating Google My Business. You may have already gotten an email from Google that says something like: “Make (Your Business Name) stand out with timely updates on Google”.

There’s a lot of information out there that Google Places, Google+ or Google My Business doesn’t do much for your business.

That claim is 100% FALSE.

Here is why: without Google My Business you have almost no shot at showing up in Google Maps results and now that Google recently rolled out Google Post to all small businesses that use the Google My Business Platform, it’s even more valuable for your Business Brand in Google Search.

Publishing content about your company directly to Google Search and Maps means you’re putting your brand and information directly in front of your prospects when they see your business listing beside a search result.

What’s more, Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land in July that businesses need to ensure their Google Posts are up to date so they have “fresh messages” in their local panel. The Mountain View, CA-based company even indicated that most posts are removed seven days after they are first published. The exception is posts about upcoming events, which are taken down after the event date.

What Do We Share?

According to Google, you can create posts that promote your:

  • Specials or Coupons
  • Events and Activities
  • Products and Services
  • Awards and Recognitions

You can even choose how you want to connect with your prospects directly from your Google listings.

How Do We Add A Post?

Log in to your Google My Business Account. Click “Post” on the left side menu.

Choose from the options you are given:

  • Upload an image
  • Write text (up to 300 words)
  • Add an event title (with start and end dates and times)

Add a call-to-action button if necessary:

  • “Learn more” – send someone to your website
  • “Reserve”
  • “Sign up”
  • “Buy” or
  • “Get offer”

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