Attract Prospects Using What They Think They Need

Convert Them By Educating Them On What They Actually Need

Each person who looks for your service has a specific need for which they turn to the internet for help. They search Google, Bing or Yahoo for:

  • “Air Conditioning Replacement” when their air conditioning system has gone out for the fourth time in two years.
  • “Outlet Installation” when they want an extra outlet installed in their basement.
  • “Emergency water heater repair” when their water heater is leaking.

While you may provide one of these types of services, you really want to build your business based on your differentiators—the products and services that set you apart from your competitors and provide a greater value to your prospects than they even realize is possible.

Your goal is to drive your revenue growth on these elements. But how can you get people to search for the products and services you want to sell?

You don’t!

Instead, you need to attract your prospects based on what they think they need, then convert them into clients by educating them on what they actually need.

Use the Classic 80/20 Rule

Remember, searchers most likely look for you based on what makes you the same as everyone else, rather than what makes you different. Such as:

  • “Air Conditioning Replacement” not “Energy Saving HVAC”—even though your products will cost less to install and operate in the long-term.
  • “Outlet Installation” rather than “Flat-Rate Electrician”—even though you know you’re the only electrician in your area who charges by the job not by the hour.
  • “Emergency Water Heater Repair” instead of “Technicians Who Put Shoe Covers on Their Feet Before Entering My Home to Fix My Leaking Water Heater”—because customer service isn’t the first thing they think of when there’s a puddle flooding their basement.

That’s why 80% of your website needs to show that you provide the solutions people think they need. That 80% will afford you the opportunity to discuss the 20% that sets you apart. Attract Prospects Using What They Think They Need. 80-20 Rule

It’s the classic 80/20 rule.

When your website gives the searcher what they want, they’ll contact you. It’s up to you and your team to educate your prospects on how your differentiators will not only solve the problem but provide added benefits as well. Conversations between your team and your prospect are the best way for you to reach your goal of leveraging your differentiators for revenue growth.

In other words, very rarely will prospects ever find you based on what sets you apart. But you can ensure they always find you based on what makes you the same!

Bottom Line: You don’t have the opportunity to get someone to do what you want until you do what they want.