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Your Ultimate Guide To Local Organizations

Boost Your Business by Joining Local Groups

This is a decorative image. It shows a sign welcoming you to town and features the signs of local clubs below it.

The Rotary Club is more than a sign hanging near the entrance to your town, and the Lions Club doesn’t just take up space in parades. These local organizations are a crucial way to connect with your customers.

Active membership in the right organizations can help you grow your home services business. Consider joining one or more of the following local organizations. 

10 Local Organizations To Consider

Local Chamber of Commerce

Increased visibility and local credibility.

Networking opportunities.

▪️ Membership fees can be high, depending on the size of your business and the chamber’s fee structure.

Volunteer Organizations (Habitat for Humanity, etc.)

Showcase your business’s priorities as well as the quality of your work.

Serve your community while networking.

▪️ This does take time away from direct business activities. See if you can plan your service during slower times of the year.

Rotary Club

Offers access to a worldwide network of professionals and leaders, opening opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Promotes high ethical standards in business and professions, enhancing your credibility.

▪️ Service projects can be time-consuming. Again, try to schedule around your slow time.

Lions Club

Engaging in humanitarian efforts can elevate your brand’s community profile.

Networking opportunities with loyal club members.

▪️ Projects are often focused on specific causes, which might not align with your business interests.

Kiwanis International

Specializes in projects that benefit children and the community, showcasing your business’s commitment to your area.  

▪️ Can require financial and time commitments that may not directly translate to business growth.

Better Business Bureau

Displaying the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo signals to consumers that your business is committed to resolving issues and providing a high level of customer service, potentially boosting consumer confidence.

In case of customer complaints, BBB offers a mediation service to resolve disputes, providing a neutral third party to help find a resolution.

▪️ Maintaining BBB accreditation may require fees as well as ongoing efforts and documentation to comply with BBB’s criteria.

Local Business Networking Groups (Business Networking International, etc.)

These groups focus on generating referrals among member businesses, which can be highly valuable for a home service business.

Often, these groups allow only one representative from each industry or service area, reducing direct competition within the network.

Frequent meetings help build strong business relationships and trust among members.

▪️ Membership fees and time commitments.

Local Trade Associations or Business Leagues

Connects you with others in your field, which can lead to referrals and partnerships.

Offers access to industry-specific training, certifications, and continuing education opportunities.

Many trade associations lobby on behalf of their members’ interests at the local, state, and national levels.

▪️ May not exist for all service categories.

Business Events Through Your Library

Educational resources and networking events.

▪️ Limited scope of events that may not apply to you.

Economic Development Council

Business growth support and resources.

▪️ May have specific focus areas that don’t align with your business.

Tips For Finding And Joining Organizations:

  • Visit your local Chamber of Commerce website for a directory of local businesses and organizations.
  • Attend community events to meet other business owners. This is a chance to learn about organizations firsthand.
  • Explore social media and local online forums for recommendations on the best local groups and associations. A club that’s well run in one town may not be as good in a different town.
  • Contact local government offices or the library for information on community groups seeking business member participation.

Remember, no matter what organizations you choose, the key to benefit from them is the same: actively participating

Engage with the people in the group, attend events, and offer your services when opportunities arise to maximize the impact on your home service business. Getting involved in your community only works when you actually get involved.

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