Give Your Prospects A Reason To Choose You

There are many stages your customers progress through when on the buyer’s journey. After the brand awareness stage, they move to the brand evaluation stage.

In the evaluation stage, the customer weighs their options for a contractor to fulfill their service need. For example, a homemaker looking for an HVAC technician to solve a problem with her air conditioner will look at several local contractors before choosing the contractor to fix her AC. Who she ultimately schedules an appointment with will be the contractor who best utilized the brand evaluation tools in their digital marketing toolbox.

Winning Brand Evaluation Tactics

Your successful digital marketing plan includes a suite of tools to provide your prospective clients with the information they need to determine that you’re the contractor they should choose. What marketing strategies are you using to inform your clients?

Integrated marketing from LeadsNearby includes mobile-friendly websites with informative and engaging content, and reputation management that promotes your brand. When potential customers find you, will they get the information they need to choose you over someone else?