Make It Easy For Potential Clients To Find You

There are many stages your customers progress through when on the buyer’s journey. The first stage is brand awareness.

In the awareness stage, the customer realizes they have a service need and they begin searching for a contractor to fulfill that need. For example, a homemaker realizes her air conditioner has stopped producing cold air and she needs to find an HVAC technician to solve the problem. Who she chooses will depend on who has best utilized the brand awareness tools in their digital marketing strategy.

Strategies to Raise Brand Awareness

LeadsNearby offers a variety of services to attract new customers to your company. What online marketing strategies are you using to earn new business?

Clients who partner with LeadsNearby for pay-per-click marketing have seen a 2.5% click-to-conversion ratio from their PPC ad campaigns, which is significantly better than the 2.35% industry average. Are you meeting your future customers where they search?