Aztec Fire Success Story

Aztec Fire & Safety needed the correct boost to generate new customers. After teaming up with LeadsNearby, they gained the real world marketing strategies to give them the boost they desired.

Aztec’s newly designed site launched in January of 2017. Their new site and other services from LeadsNearby have led to a dramatic increase in online visibility. Their new website also acts as a professional “digital business card” so to speak. When visitors come to the site, they’ll know from the design and branding that Aztec is professional, modern, customer service driven and fully ready to provide 5-star services.

See Aztec’s Top 10 Google search result rankings from January 23, 2017 (around the time of their LeadsNearby site launch) up to January 5, 2019.

Below is a numerical breakdown of Aztec’s organic search result rankings on January 5, 2019, compared to their rankings on January 23, 2017.

RankingsJanuary 23rd, 2017January 5th, 2019
First Place28625 (an increase of 597)
In Top 3781,095 (an increase of 1,017)
In Top 51111,465 (an increase of 1,354)
In Top 102111,824 (an increase of 1,613)
In Top 203362,069 (an increase of 1,733)
In Top 304382,226 (an increase of 1,788)

Visit the Aztec homepage to see their design for yourself.