Contractor Marketing Made Easy

As a young business, you know you need the right digital contractor marketing efforts in place to get your name in front of new customers.

That means you need four fundamental digital marketing elements:

  • Website

  • SEO

  • Reviews

  • Local Business Listings

But navigating each of those foundational elements while growing your business may not be as easy as it sounds. That’s why LeadsNearby created Spark.

For just $500 a month, Spark is a powerful program designed to ignite your business.

  • We build you a new SEO friendly website in less than 2 weeks

  • Control your reviews with a powerful reputation tool

  • Optimize your local business listings for consistency and SEO

More Traffic

Spark’s expansive online presence tells your prospects and Google where you work, what you do and how well you do it. That means more traffic because of:

  • More online reviews

  • An expanded service area

  • Consistent online profiles

  • Dynamic job summary content

Better Conversions

Thanks to next-generation technology, your site helps attract new users and convert them into customers because of:

  • Ultra-fast load times

  • Conversion-oriented design

  • Hybrid site and mobile app

  • Secure site and hosting

Best of all, Spark jump-starts your online presence for phenomenal growth and, when you’re ready, can be expanded with more content, API integrations to other tools, more marketing services and more.

It’s all brought to you by LeadsNearby, the company synonymous with quality, relationship and value.