(Listed alphabetically)

Advanced SEO & Link Correction – LeadsNearby will clean up your brand and presence on the internet. If your website has run into problems with its SEO or has been penalized by a search engine because:

  • Your brand is represented by multiple websites and domains
  • Your website content is very thin or heavy on keywords
  • Your website has concentrated on the number of links rather than the quality
  • Your website has the same content as five other websites in your industry
  • Your website demonstrates any other black-hat SEO techniques
  • We look at each individual issue and fix them all. We recommend this Advanced SEO & Link Correction effort to branded companies and companies in competitive areas where every online marketing step needs to be done correctly to ensure your brand is building an online presence capable of delivering organic leads.

Citation Development and Reputation monitoring – Consists of ensuring Business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) accuracy and consistency across a multitude of web profiles to maximize citation performance.  Also consists of monitoring websites for negative feedback and acting as a conduit for a staff representative to respond.  Also consists of creating additional web profiles on reputable websites and securing additional links to your website.

Client Success Analytics – LeadsNearby’s proprietary analytics tool gives you an end-to-end view of your entire online marketing program, from marketing activity to search results to visitor sessions to lead conversions to return on investment. It enables you to pinpoint opportunities from website forms, live chat and calls; find your cost of acquisition and your exact ROI; understand how weather impacts your business; use weather predictions to plan the best promotions; analyze customer calls; and use heatmaps and visitor recordings to show where visitors click on your website.

Contact capture – Email address – All contact form submissions are recorded so they can be potentially funneled into an email marketing campaign to be used to reinforce top-of-mind awareness. Specifically, we can integrate your website forms and Nearby Now portal with MailChimp to capture and segment prospects and customers into email lists you can target for loyalty offers.  This also provides for the potential export/integration into your Field Service/Dispatch solution.

Content writing services – We will identify the most important pages of your site that will help you earn more user engagement via your visitors and from the search engines. We will interview you for what makes you unique in your area and begin writing new pages of content – or optimizing existing pages on your current site. Types of content available at any time are Customer Newsletters, Downloadable (or distribution ready) resource guides, External Press releases, and Infographics.

Dynamic Call Tracking – Consists of obtaining and provisioning new phone #s from your local exchange and integrating them into the website using dynamic number insertion so all calls can be tracked without disrupting search engine performance. If you’re using another call tracking system also, we’ll do our best to tie them together when possible. If you’re also using Google Adwords, we’ll be sure to create a large enough pool of numbers to handle multiple concurrent users.  Also includes goal integration into website analytics for enhanced reporting.

Live Chat Conversion Optimization.  A customer service tool first and a lead generator second, our branded chat service is a 24 hour attendant on your site. All chats are recorded and all leads are forwarded to your email of choice. This has been a very powerful tool for generating user engagement on websites and a very inexpensive enhancement.

Marketing Automation – Repeat customer loyalty. Automated repeat client communication with your CRM. Trigger-based Email Marketing – We will design, write, and enable automated sending of email to your lists as desired. Also included is the creation of standard email designs plus the creation, writing, editing, and sending of a monthly email (and/or newsletter) to a list. We will also do monthly reconciliation of your email lists in the system. System capability includes 2 way SMS communication and optional postcard sending depending on your selection of Basic or Advanced, included may be the “Pro” account level which includes up to 25,000 customer contacts. Optional, passthrough costs, may apply.

PPC – Google Adwords – Consists of initial campaign optimization: campaign and ad group creation, keyword research, geo-targeting, text ad creation, ad extensions, and bid management strategies. Includes building new campaigns or restructuring existing campaigns and weekly account optimization overview and on-going negative keyword identification. A Certified Google Adwords account specialist following Google Adwords best practices performs all work.

Reputation Builder – Build your dominant service area presence and reputation. Consists of creating a profile on Nearby Now and training your team on using the system to write SEO-optimized check-ins and receive positive reviews from your clients. Includes ongoing reporting and optimization help to ensure maximum success from the program. Also consists of building individual review city pages for your website and integrating the dynamic check-in and review content using our Nearby Now solution.

Social Media Management – We will provide you with a content strategy where we update the social media accounts with content while engaging with your audience in a timely fashion.  We offer this for two social media networks of your choice (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.), posting available for up to 4 times per week.

Social Media Interest Stories – An optional part of your social media management, monthly or quarterly, we plan, develop, and socially sharing the interesting and exciting stories behind the enjoyment customers are having with their premier recreational space. These stories will help enhance your differentiators that achieve success and will translate into highly desirable human interest web content. Consists of monthly staff interviews to obtain story background, blog post, or article creation and social sharing to desired media including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, etc.

Video Marketing – We will work collaboratively with you to develop a video concept including script and storyboards. We will send a production crew to your location to film as needed to capture needed footage. We will edit and produce a video you may use on your website, on YouTube, or in other media to enhance your brand. Video types may include organizational profiles, event documentation, aerial (drone) videos, customer testimonials, “how-to” videos, and even animated explainer videos. Additional Cost = depends on video product requested

Website Development – Design and Build a new mobile-friendly (device-independent) website for each client’s business taking into account visitor usability, loyalty, and conversion to leads.  Ongoing management and enhancement monthly including onsite SEO improvements for search engine crawlability as well as optimized content to enhance performance. If the current content is licensed rather than owned, our optional content writing services can be used to create new, unique content you own.