Ensure Your Customers Are More Than Just Satisfied

There are many stages your customers progress through when on the buyer’s journey. After the decision stage comes the service stage.

In the service stage, you provide the contracted service to the highest standard and impress your new customer. As your marketing partner, LeadsNearby will work to ensure that the 5-star service you provide wows your customer and turns them into a brand evangelist.

Do More Than Serve The Client—Wow Them!

As a service contractor, you know there’s more to creating happy customers than just doing a good job. You need to solve the client’s problem and make them feel like more than just a customer. Your digital marketing can help make your clients feel like they matter, but the service you provide is the key to creating the “WOW!” factor that keeps them coming back again and again. What relationship marketing strategies are you using to earn repeat business?

With marketing success and client satisfaction strategies from LeadNearby, you can expect a 40% conversion rate on your review requests and an average star rating of 4.9 or higher. Are you building a long-term relationship with your customers?