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Google PageSpeed Insight Update

If Your PageSpeed Score is in the Red, Don’t Panic.

Google recently released an update to its PageSpeed Insights tool in November 2018. Known as Version 5, this latest update expanded the number of testing metrics and now uses the Lighthouse tool for testing. These scores […]

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Benefit From The Google Small Business Community

Gain Insight For Your Business

Google is BETA testing a new project in certain cities that will make it easier for local small businesses to connect, engage and learn from one another. Google Small Business Community is a networking circle designed to help businesses like you facilitate successful growth. […]

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3 Steps To A Strong Online Foundation

All Other Marketing Strategies Rely on These

You’re bombarded with marketers telling you that they have the secret key to unlocking thousands of leads that will grow your business with a click of a button. While their programs sometimes hold water, none of them replace the […]

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9 Tips For Outstanding Customer Service On The Phone

Customer Service Skills Can Make or Break Your Business

Missing calls because you’re busy? Maybe you answer in a rush and are short with your customer. It might not mean anything to you. Whether you booked a service or not, there will still be plenty more […]

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Setting Up for Email Marketing Success

Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Count

As your company grows, you want to expand your customer re-engagement efforts, but how? Email marketing enables you to connect with large quantities of past customers in a short time; it can be quite profitable if executed correctly. […]

By |2018-10-26T16:07:37+00:00October 24th, 2018|Brand Building, Content Marketing, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Setting Up for Email Marketing Success

Two Google Updates You NEED to Know About

LeadsNearby Has You Covered With Data & Review Updates

You’ve probably heard about two seemingly significant changes Google has made recently and wonder how they impact you. LeadsNearby breaks each of them down for you. First, because Google is changing the […]

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How To Build Your Online Presence – Offline

Why Your Business NEEDS to be Active In Your Community Aside from its inherent humanitarian impact, offline community involvement will generate positive “news” on your business, aid in the SEO of your website and boost online awareness, if promoted properly. More specifically, it can increase website […]

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The International Roundtable is now available for iOS and Android!

The Service Roundtable, a revolutionary contractor organization, and LeadsNearby, a full-service digital marketing agency for contractors, today announce that the conference app is now available for the International Roundtable in New Orleans, LA, April 4-6, 2018. As a preferred vendor partner, LeadsNearby built the app so conference attendees could […]

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6 Steps to Get More from Google’s Q&A Feature

Your company needs to pay attention to Google’s new Question & Answer feature, which enables consumers to ask and answer questions about your business on the Knowledge Panel on Google.

Here are six steps you need to take to get the […]

By |2018-10-26T16:07:55+00:00February 13th, 2018|Brand Building, Content Marketing, Local SEO|0 Comments

Google Posts: Why It’s Important To Your Business

It’s Time to Start Branding Your Company on Google My Business

Do a Google search for your business name. Do you see any company-branded Google Posts show up in your knowledge graph on the right side of the page?

By |2018-10-26T16:07:57+00:00August 8th, 2017|Citations & Public Profiles, Local SEO|0 Comments

Google’s Home Service Ads Expand Across the Country

Take Action & Avoid The Hassle of Lost Revenue Local service contractors need to take action today to ensure they can participate in the expansion of a Google pilot program and keep their AdWords running.

Google is launching its Home Services Ad

By |2018-10-26T16:08:02+00:00May 31st, 2017|Pay Per Click|0 Comments

See LeadsNearby at 3 Events in October!

October is turning out to be a busy month here at LeadsNearby. Join us for one of the three events:

Digital Wrap Conference

LeadsNearby Co-Founder and CEO Bob Misita presents at Service Trade’s Digital Wrap Conference, October 16-October 18 […]

What Can Fitbit Teach You About the Health of Your Keywords?

During an impromptu road trip last month to see family in Pennsylvania, I stopped at West Virginia’s New River Gorge Bridge, an engineering marvel that holds the title as the largest arch bridge in the United States.

Taking a break from the long drive, I […]

By |2018-10-26T16:08:18+00:00August 10th, 2016|Contractor Marketing, Local SEO|0 Comments

User Intent VS Brand Visibility

Latest Google Move Could Make Small Businesses Invisible

When Google confirmed last month that it is removing paid ads from the right side of its search engine results page (SERP), industry analysts interpreted it as yet another step toward the ever-evolving goal of improving the user intent.

But it’s the […]

Public Profile Hijacking

Written By Brian West

In the modern arena of internet marketing, many potential avenues make up a marketing plan. Missing from many of them is true transparency into the actual value each provides.

Many local contractor companies sign up for paid advertising services through YellowPages, DEX Media or other well […]

Desperation Vs Brand Building

Are Immediate Leads Really the Only Way to Save Your Business?

A few weeks ago, I received a frantic phone call from a plumber in Pennsylvania who desperately needed leads. Immediately!

Desperate for Leads“My business is in jeopardy if I don’t get […]

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Google PageSpeed Insight Update

December 13th, 2018|

If Your PageSpeed Score is in the Red, Don't Panic. Google recently released an update to its PageSpeed Insights tool in November 2018. [...]

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Benefit From The Google Small Business Community

October 26th, 2018|

Gain Insight For Your Business Google is BETA testing a new project in certain cities that will make it easier for local small businesses [...]

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