Introducing A Chat, Talk, Texting Tool That Learns As it Converts!

A new all-in-one chat, talk, texting and scheduling technology gives you an easy, less time consuming way to have a deeper conversation with your website visitors than any ordinary chat service.

Powered by AI, LeadsNearby’s new Pro Service Chats is perfect if you want:

  • More qualified leads: Spend less time field calls from website visitors who are just “price shopping”. Make the most from each visitor of your website.

  • Increased customer engagement – Now your customers can speak to you the way they want. Pro Service Chats opens up all communication channels to your customers.

  • Less work for your CSRs: Powered by A.I. your CSRs don’t have to waste any of their time making sure they are near a computer to communicate with potential customers. Pro Service Chat gives you a virtual CSR 24/7/365!

  • Less work for your CSRs: Pro Service Chats was created to get you the most qualified leads. Your CSRs dont have to waste time wondering what services customers need, or be concerned about having important contact information.

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The intelligence engine that drives this technology learns with every conversation it has, making conversions easier and CSR follow-up calls shorter and more profitable.

Best of all, we can incorporate Pro Service Chats on any website, whether LeadsNearby has built your site or not!.

To learn more about Pro Service Chats and what it means to you, call LeadsNearby at (919) 758-8420.