MilitaryHire Works to Serve Those Who Served

You as a contractor are always seeking dependable staffing solutions for your company, but finding the right people to join your team is often difficult. A new partnership between LeadsNearby and MilitaryHire will make hiring a bit easier.

MilitaryHire’s Skilled Trades Recruiting Program bridges the hiring gap between local service contractors who need technicians and highly motivated veterans seeking meaningful career opportunities.

MilitaryHire connects you to a pool of eager veterans right in your local area who are prescreened, allowing you to easily choose the right person for your needs. Choose candidates who are interested in your field and interview them further to see if they will be a great fit for your company.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to the new partnership, MilitaryHire’s quarterly subscription for LeadsNearby clients is $1,500 with no annual obligation, a 50% discount off of normal pricing. You can decide to take advantage of this service during only the quarters in which you are hiring.

Visit MilitaryHire’s Skilled Trades Recruiting Program page or click the button below to learn more about this program and let them know you are a LeadsNearby referral when you call.


  • Access to prescreened veteran candidates who are interested in working in your trade and in your area.

  • A 3 star subscription to which includes resume searches and job posting.

  • Your own company profile page on showing candidates why they want to work for your organization.

  • A “We Proudly Hire Veterans” badge to place on your company website.

  • A background check and drug screening before hiring new candidates.

  • Assistance with creating job posts for online searchability.

Key Benefits

  • Access to potential employees who are ready to use their experiences in a positive way

  • Use the service only during the quarters you need to hire

  • Easy to use, streamlined interview process

  • Help someone who dedicated their life to serving our country

  • Avoid hiring from your competition

MilitaryHire was founded by veterans with the mission to help fellow soldiers after their service ended. Since 2000, they have successfully placed over 500,000 veterans and continue to help those who served our country using streamlined interviewing and screening practices. Visit to learn about the Skilled Trades Recruiting Program.

Visit our website at Call us at 800.585.3690