The key to a successful marketing calendar is knowing your audience and your industry and proactively devising a plan that will accommodate both your customers’ and business’ needs as the seasons change. It’s vital to coordinate your efforts and imagery across all marketing channels, including your website, social media, email marketing, blogs, videos and more. Creating a calendar ahead of time allows for a cohesive, efficient process that continually reinforces the messages that you want to convey. This also allows for extremely successful marketing campaigns that draw traffic to your website, engagement through social media and sharing of customer reviews, among other things.

Here are some topics to consider each month:

Monthly Theme: Enter Your Theme Here
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Services To Focus On: What service do you want to focus on
Team/Charitable Events, Holidays, or Causes to Incorporate: Enter any events that your company is participating in.
Blog/Customer Testimonial Topic:Enter in related or supportive blog or customer testimonial info
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Email/Social Media Specials:Enter in coupons/promotions for the month
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