Marketing That Keeps Your Clients Coming Back for More

New customers are great, but repeat customers are your bread and butter. When someone chooses you for a service, chances are good there are other services they need. You can suggest additional services during your initial visit, but they may not accept at the time.

With retargeting service from LeadsNearby, you can build a relationship with that customer through emails, text messages, review requests and even social media mentions. We’ll help you ensure that your clients know whatever their need is, you’re there for them.

Relationship Marketing Strategies

There are many ways to re-engage your past customers. What remarketing strategies are you using to earn repeat business?

Just one of our email marketing programs returned a 27.3% open rate and a click-through rate of 15.3%, but significantly higher than industry averages; the estimated revenue generated was over $750,000. Does your marketing plan include customer retargeting?