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How can you get the most value and benefit from your customer’s opinion? To understand that, you have to know the difference between reviews, feedback and testimonials.


All three start with a business providing a service to a customer. All three end with a customer […]

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5+ Tips To Getting More Reviews

Research indicates that reviews influence nearly 82 percent of consumer purchases. That means four-fifths of people who need your services look at what others have said about you before they decide to invite you into their homes.

Reviews present consumers with an independent source of information:

  • Can they trust you?
  • […]

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Sweet 16 Review and Local Business Sites

As a service contractor it is vitally important to build your online presence so your prospects can find you anywhere they may search. While there are hundreds of possible websites to be listed on, the simple table below represents the most important. Think of the 80%/20% rule; these […]

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