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Google PageSpeed Insight Update

If Your PageSpeed Score is in the Red, Don’t Panic.

Google recently released an update to its PageSpeed Insights tool in November 2018. Known as Version 5, this latest update expanded the number of testing metrics and now uses the Lighthouse tool for testing. These scores […]

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Setting Up for Email Marketing Success

Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Count

As your company grows, you want to expand your customer re-engagement efforts, but how? Email marketing enables you to connect with large quantities of past customers in a short time; it can be quite profitable if executed correctly. […]

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Attract Prospects Using What They Think They Need

Convert Them By Educating Them On What They Actually Need

Each person who looks for your service has a specific need for which they turn to the internet for help. They search Google, Bing or Yahoo for:

  • “Air Conditioning Replacement” when […]
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5 Reasons You Need a 2016 Marketing Plan

5-reasonsDid you know that about 44% of small businesses – those with less than 50 employees – have written marketing plans? That means they’re likely missing out on valuable opportunities to capture new and returning customers and grow their […]

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Come See LeadsNearby at ComforTech 2015

Come see LeadsNearby at Comforttech where we bring together the latest trends and business solutions for mechanical contractors involved in HVACR, Hydronics and Plumbing. Join us as we educate and inspire business transformation while delivering insight on the latest industry trends that are impacting business owners and service professionals. The Expo environment provides an opportunity to learn more […]

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Cost vs Value

Are You Making Your Choices Based On Cost or Value?

How Choosing a Website Development Vendor is Like Choosing a Restaurant


When choosing a place to eat, what criteria do you base your decision? Price is likely not your only criteria. It shouldn’t be your main criteria for […]

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You Are What You E-A-T

What Does Your Website Feed Google?E-A-T-Pyramid-450x340

Search engine optimization “experts” write thousands of words each time Google releases a new update—i.e. Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. While many of these pieces provide exceptional detail of each enhancement, most fail to point out […]

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8 Content Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and engage potential new customers is to offer valuable content customized for your target audience. Today, potential customers are inundated with constantly updated new content and advertising through their social networks and around the web, most of […]

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Owning Your Website

Do You Own Your Online Reputation?

This series is dedicated to ensuring that you, not others, control your online reputation. Why is that important? Because your online reputation is valuable; whoever owns it controls a priceless stake in your business. When you partner with companies for web design, web […]

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Top 5 Benefits of SEO for Service Contractors

January 19th, 2021|

SEO Benefits For Contractors Top 5 Benefits of SEO for Service Contractors SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps businesses increase [...]

Automated Filter Delivery

March 20th, 2020|

Filters Delivered Straight To Your Customers LeadsNearby & Second Nature have partnered to drop ship filters directly to your customers. It’s a convenient way [...]

7 Actions Your Business Should Take During A Pandemic

March 20th, 2020|

COVID-19 has changed the way the world does business. Essential service companies such as yours have a unique challenge. Your customers will still need [...]

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