Don’t Just Win Business—Win Repeat Business

There are many stages your customers progress through when on the buyer’s journey. After the service stage, they move to the re-engagement stage.

In the re-engagement stage, the goal is to keep your customer engaged with you after their contracted service has been completed. Let’s say you cleared a root invasion from their sewer line and they’re happy with your service. How will you ensure that isn’t the last time you see the customer?

Engage With Your Clients Through Relationship Marketing

The best marketing programs include strategies to engage with customers both before and after service. They don’t just earn new business; they earn repeat business. What customer engagement strategies are you using to build a lasting relationship with your clients?

In today’s mobile-centric world, our mobile apps allow you to stay engaged with your clients in unprecedented ways for service contractors, such as offering exclusive app-only offers, discounts and loyalty programs. Are you ready to engage?