Filters Delivered Straight To Your Customers

LeadsNearby & Second Nature have partnered to drop ship filters directly to your customers. It’s a convenient way to remind your customers that you’re the contractor who’s watching out for them.  Plus earn a portion of the sales in the process.

Great Benefits for Your Customers

Take the burden of purchasing filters off your customers. Once your customers set up their subscription through your website, Second Nature handles the rest.

Exact Filters

Each delivery contains the exact number and size of filters your customer needs.

All Brands

Your customers can choose from all the popular filter brands and sizes.

Automatic Delivery

The filters arrive automatically, reminding your customer that it’s time to replace.

No Commitment

Your customers can modify their order or cancel anytime to fit their needs.

Save Money

Replacing filters regularly can save customers up to 15% off monthly HVAC costs.

Quality Filters

Second Nature only delivers the best-pleated filters on the market, all made in the USA.

First Order Free!

Each customer gets their first filter order for free. And they never pay shipping.

Great Benefits for You

With the partnership between LeadsNearby and Second nature, all you have to do is get your customers to your company’s personalized online portal, then you’ll start seeing the benefits for yourself.

Revenue Share

You’ll earn between 8-10% of the revenue from the filters your customers’ orders.

Easy Ordering

LeadsNearby adds the ordering page to your site and Second Nature fulfills each order.

Be Remembered

Each time your customers receive their filters, they’ll keep you on the top of their minds.

Keep Your Customers

Because you’re taking care of your customers each month, they’ll stay loyal to you.

No Hassle

This is a hassle-free program for both you and your customers. We take care of everything.

Call LeadsNearby at 919-758-8420 for more information.

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