Does Your Total Customer Experience Earn 10 Stars?

Use this quick guide to ensure you amaze customers at every touch point!

Is your company easy to find?

Search Google for primary keyword phrases, such as air conditioning repair, and secondary phrases, such as why is my ac blowing hot air. How many places do you find your company?

  • Local Service Ads

  • Pay Per Click

  • Organic Results

  • Maps

  • Knowledge Panel

  • Social Media

Is your company easy to contact?

People want various ways to contact you. How many contact options does your company offer?

  • Direct Dial from PPC, Maps or Knowledge Panel

  • Click-to-Call Mobile

  • Site Mobile Adaptive for All Mobile Traffic

  • Chat

  • Email, Contact Form or Scheduling from Site

  • Text Messaging

  • Social Media: Does It Link to Your Site? Can You Contact from Social Platform?

How Do Your CSMs Handle the Calls?

Listen to calls and read chats once a week to see how the CSRs treated your customers.

  • How long does it take to answer a contact form?

  • Are the chats helpful and result in an appointment?

  • If calls do not result in an appointment, why? Price? Availability? CSR personality?

Are you communicating prior to appointment?

Communication prior to an appointment will ensure customers are comfortable and prepared for the technician’s arrival. How does your team communicate?

  • Do you send homeowners the name of their tech with a photo prior to arrival?

  • Do your techs arrive on time? Will they call if they will be late?

Do your techs appropriately represent your brand?

How your techs appear during an appointment makes a statement. Do they do the following?

  • Arrive in a wrapped truck?

  • Wear a clean uniform?

  • Clean up after themselves?

Are your techs knowledgeable & trustworthy?

Role play with your techs to find out how they handle various situations.

  • Are they giving good info? Advice?

  • Do they upsell appropriately?

Do your techs go the extra mile?

The extra mile makes it a memorable experience. What does your team do to set your company apart?

  • Do your techs change light bulbs or smoke detector batteries?

  • Is there a leave behind opportunity for the kids or pets? Do your techs even know if there were kids? What is the dog’s name?

Are your techs asking for a review?

Requesting a review can be uncomfortable. Role play with your team to ensure they’re comfortable asking.

  • Are they asking for the review? Make sure they’re doing enough to deserve a good one.

  • Are they making a personal plea? A good review helps the tech more than the company.

Do you follow up with happy calls?

Perform happy calls every day as a follow up to the appointment. Listen to them weekly.

  • Was the CSR genuine in making sure everything is ok?

  • Did they escalate any issues appropriately?

  • Did they ask for a review if one had not been received?

Do you keep in touch?

How many follow-up touch points do you do?

  • Targeted emails based on behavior or need

  • Thank You notes or cookies for new systems

  • Social Media promos, contests or giveaways

  • Monthly e-newsletters

  • Productive referral offers

  • Reminders for maintenance